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Published: 19 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

The reservation was made 2 weeks in advance for a Mini-van, Dodge Caravan or similiar. On July 9th, my wife called the local office to confirm that a mini-van was reserved and available for the morning of the 13th (Friday). She was told that it was and that there was no problem. On the morning of the rental day, July 13th, we called ahead (3 hrs) to again confirm the reservation, but no one answered the phone. So, on the way in about 1 hour prior to pickup, I again called and was put on hold. I was on hold for about 20 minutes, and was then disconnected. We then arrived at the rental offiice at about 7:15 am, so we went in. When called to the counter, I produced my Reservation Confirmation Number, ID, and Major Credit Card. I was then told I had to produce a utility bill or something with my name and address on it??? I was told that I had to do this because I was a local renter??? I was also told that this required information was “…somewhere on the company website”! (BTW It’s not) This is totally ABSURD! We have several major credit cards. Since I have no reason to carry around utility bills (why would I?), I had to go to my car and bring in our vehicle registration and insurance certificates that just happened to have my local address on them. Our family was coming in at 9am to visit. it was now about 8:15 am and we still were at the counter. Then, after about another half hour, the counter person told us that there were NO mini-vans available at the reservation price quoted! He said that we could get a 7 passenger mini-van for $70 a day, not the $37.99 Special that we had reserved for? (This is normally called the old ‘bait and switch’ tactic) I asked for a manager, and was told he would have to call her at home. I told him he’d better do it now, since I would have to talk to her anyway about what was going on. I was never allowed to speak to the manager, and was told she was too busy to talk to me??? Eventually another agent was able to find a vehicle and we were given a Suzuki XL7 SUV. This vehicle was NOT ACCEPTABLE! It was by no means a “Mini-van or similiar”. I was told that it was all they had at the moment to seat 7 adults. It was only able to seat 4 adults and not 7 as requested or advertised, and almost NO luggage space. We had to rent a second vehicle from another rental agency, for the other 3 members of the family. When I went down to the garage to pick up the vehicle, I noticed several Toyota Sienna vans parked in ready slots. I asked a nearby maintenance attendent what were those vans for and was told that they were reserved for “later today”!!! William Las Vegas, NevadaU.S.A.

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