Advantage Window and Door Company

Advantage Window and Door Company

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Published: 27 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I worked for this company for about two months. First off I started out at $1000 a week pay. A week later he told me he coud not pay that and lowered it to $750 a week. Two weeks later he did the same thing but now at $5oo a week for pay. About 6weeks in to employment he decided on pay day to tell me that he would be taking a half hour out of each day for lunch. This would not of been a problem, but he wanted to take it out of what he already owed me. Instead of doing it from here on out. Then he kept saying that I was 1099, but I was exspected to be there at a certian time everyday and could not leave till he said I was done. This is technically a W-2 employee. On top of this he wanted me to pay for some license. I would never use that license if I was’nt working for him. He also wanted me to be insured. I asked him to pay for it and he refused. He said he could no longer pay me until I was insured, even though I had a desk job. Finally I got tired of his bulls* and Quit. It has been about 4 months now and he still has not payed me my final check. He told me I have to sign a contract that states a ton of info that has nothing to do with me leaving. I told him to just mail the check and he still refuses. This guy also threatened me at one point. He has also told infomation about me to people who have no right to know any of it. Be Careful When Dealing With This Company!

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