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Published: 08 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Purchased 9 powersafe 12v190f batteries from them, had the batteries shipped to Colorado at my expense, batteries arrived w/o terminal protection, very poorly palletized. 8 of the batteries tested good however 1 battery failed load testing, I called advantage battery and they suggested I hook the battery in parallel with one of the good batteries and charge it overnight. I did this and the battery still tested bad. I called advantage battery back and they informed me I would have to ship the battery back to them at my expense, they would test it and IF they determined it was bad they would replace it again shipping my expense. They would not cover shipping no matter what. (shipping the battery 3 times would cost more than battery itself) I offered to video myself analyzing and testing the battery for their review, and even to take the battery to a local battery distributor and have it analyzed and documented, they refused to accept this. I also offered to ship the battery back to them at my expense if they would agree to reimburse the shipping if the battery was bad initially they said yes to this, however when I asked for this in writing, they changed their mind. Would never do business again, buyer beware!!!

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