Adventure Resorts of America Kalamazoo

Adventure Resorts of America Kalamazoo Review

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Published: 14 February 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I saw an ad in a free mailed coupon book, that read if you toured our grounds for 90 minutes, you will recieve a 10 night stay at ADVENTURE RESORTS OF AMERICA in kalmazoo mi and you will also recieve 4 Great Wolf lodge tickets for 2 nights. i sceduled my tour, and it took 3 hours! Then about 3 weeks later, i called to scedule my camping trip. The rude person said, you can only use this 2 days in a row. and then you can call back and schedule another 2 days if we are not busy. I told her what my tour guide said, and it would take about 3 years to use this 10 nights of camping. and it all just sounded like a scam, and will call the BBB. she said” well, it is what is it, and you do what you what” click. next, i am looking to send in my voucher for for great wolf lodge,…. Not valid without a vailidation code… of course, that was left blank. And also they wanted a Cashiers Check to be sent in with it, “to cover SOME of the fees. no checks or credit cards will be accepted. i asked what the total of the fees was.. she just said, it depends on the season, if its high season, they it will more higher fees. ??? total scam… and they want you to buy a like a 4,000 campground membership and on top of that pay about a $200 maint fee each year. .

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