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Published: 04 March 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Eric Brown formerly of CMX , EBX and now AEB Worldwide is a straight up con man who keeps on making headlines for theft of others money. His co conspirators this time are , his alleged Banker Michael Snyder, alleged rapist Craig Boogie who holds audition to make believe movies and shows just to get womans clothes off for a so called reality show, I know cause they did it to me …when I refused I was told to “leave b****”. I dealt with these guys before at CMX and they are worse this time as I discovered they don’t even pay the so called good people doing the work. They use everyone, promise the golden carrot and never pay you. I heard all their solid people left and now they have these hoodlums running it. Tom finch is a phony journalist who I escorted to NBA and NFL events and he lands credentials illegally. Too bad NBA and NFL doesn’t check these things. They are now running with a Asian lady with some money she will be used too. I met her in New York. I didn’t get her name. Good luck everyone these guys belong in jail for all the rip offs they have done and illegal activities. .

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