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Published: 27 May 2018

Posted by: ajness2305

I started getting phone calls from several different numbers from John Walter, Michael Walter, Alex Anderson, Jack Marshall just to name a few. When I say several, I mean 20-30 a day on my cell phone AND relentlessly at work. I just started my job a few months ago, can you imagine what they thought? The men have THICK indian accents and leave very threatening messages. When you call them back they say that they are attorneys and that you got a payday loan and the company is suing you. There are several CRIMINAL CHARGES being filed against you and that the police are coming to arrest you, or you have to be in court across the country the next day. … or pay them $5, 000.00. I contacted 2 different lawyers, filed complaints with the fbi, bbb, ftp, online complaints, you name it i’ve done it. It gets very hairy bc basically, nobody is doing much, therefore, nobody can do much for YOU when you need it. The lawyers said that I could file a restraining order (they call from about 20 diff numbers so far, what happens WHEN they violate it?) Basically after tons of research, this is a call center in Mumbai. They really dont have much of an incentive to STOP, or legal obligation to uphold any restraining orders or complaints, until a bigger entity like the FBI comes in and takes action. Not to mention that when you try to get any type of information from them like a fax #, they wont give it to you. They would call up my job and harass my coworkers telling them I have criminal charges against me and that the police are coming. Calling my coworkers serious profanities. Calling saying EF you and hanging up. Now, I’ve looked ALLLLL over the web to try to find SOMEONE who has successfully gotten them to stop calling. I have had no such luck. I work for an IT company, and had a very long discussion with my bosses regarding this, yes it was causing that much of a disruption. Both of my bosses have taken calls and gotten extremely irrate. My job was seriously in jeopardy over this BS scam!!! Finally, we just blocked all the numbers that they call from. I have not received one phone call at work (obviously) and they have actually stopped calling my cell phone. I’m hoping that they just gave up. So I am writing on here to try to offer some help to others who are dealing with these effin people. First of all, create a very detailed log of every time they call, what they say, who calls, and the number they call from and the times. Save all voicemails. If you can, try to record each call and let them know that you are recording. File complaints with the FBI, BBB, FTc, any gov’t agencies you can find. File complaints with teh police. Place fraud alerts on your credit. Notify your banks. When you speak to them let them know that they are harrassing US residents and that you have filed complaints with (list gov’t agencies, even the police). They are violating the CPA, the DTPA, impersonating government officials, attempting extortion, coercion, you have contacted the consumer protection agency, etc. Basically if you throw around legal terms, it shakes them pretty good, as english is not their first language. They obviously dont have a clear understanding of what they are actually doing or implying. But understand that once you DO speak to them they could start calling more. The BEST thinig to do is to speak to your employer. Get lots of evidence and bring your call log. Print out reports online showing that this is a scam, so that they realize that this is not your fault. At that time, they might be able to contact their phone providers and block all the numbers that these people have been calling from. Call your phone carrier as well to have the numbers blocked. Eventually, when they see that they won’t be able to get money from you, they will give up…but until they do, keep a good record of each incident. I have listed some numbers that they call from: [protected] [protected] [protected] [protected] [protected] [protected] [protected] [protected] [protected] [protected] [protected] [protected] [protected] [protected] [protected] [protected] [protected] [protected] [protected] [protected]

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