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Affirm, Inc.

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Published: 04 April 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I have called affirm and Coleman/renegade furniture multiple times. When I refused delivery due to use bad dog smelling damaged furniture in August 2018. Lori Crawn (Coleman Furniture/renegae) a waste of space was useless, I told her I didnt want a replacement I just wanted it all cancelled the furniture was wrapped in a nasty furniture moving covers then wrapped in clear moving wrap and they tried to deliver it to me. I saw the huge hole in the bottom and ragged legs already on then the stench of what smelled like the sofa was used in a dog kennel. Affim/point2point movers and coleman/renegade furnture are sketchy to say the least and now they want me to pay for those filthy items that where returned I am not doing it. On Sept 20, 2018 affirm sends me an email stating that the loan was reported cancelled on Sept 15 and will be fully cancelled by September 25 2018. | Affirm threatened to send non payment of cancelled items I refused and don’t have to the credit bureaus. | Then during the call tonight sends me an emaol stating I owe them the full amount. I told them over the phone I won’t pay for filthy damaged used furniture I refused delivery of and I don’t have the items. I am a permanent and totally disabled military veteran and they are using threats. The girl I talked to at affirm tonight was an idiot, she kept speaking fast not making sense and then I told her to slow down and I will see about legal action then she said I wrote your were a retired veteran I told her I didn’t say that. I told Houzz the issue I have had with Coleman renegade furniture and would be best just to not use them as a supplier nor point2point shippers they are all sketchy point2point shippers used an app that was timed which lets you see the pic the after a they leave its gone so you cant say that the whole thing isnt sketchy since they tried to deliver that mess. I am allergic to pets and started to go into anaphylactic shock good thing that sofa was not placed into my home I could have died. | Stay away from Affirm I received an email tonight that the two badly assembled chairs were refunded but not the filthy sofa and was told by affirm if you that that canceled the dispute and had to put another dispute for the filthy sofa. I told them that is stupid and I won’t pay for refused returned filthy furniture and all the keep spouting is that they are going to damage my credit by putting it on my credit report. I told them I am not paying for what I don’t have. Stay away from all above. I have sent pictures and video that shows the items being returned to point2point truck and still they are trying to make me pay for what I don’t have but they will charge you over $45 to return 2 badly put together chairs as restocking fee.

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