Affordable Evaluations

Affordable Evaluations

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Published: 02 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Don’t even know where to start. I had an appointment for 6pm for a medical marijuana evaluation at Affordable Evaluations located at 631 S. Brookhurst, #117 Anaheim Ca, 92804. I WOULD have been on time but their flyer had the wrong address on it so I spend 30 extra minutes trying to find the place since their phone always goes straight to a recorder and I could never get a live person to help me. When I finally do find the office, it’s located in a dingy, dirty hole in the wall type place that you’re more likely to take a hooker than see a doctor! I finally got inside and to my dissappointment, found myself about the 30th person in line even WITH an APPOINTMENT! I was livid, I asked the woman at the front when I’d be able to see the doctor and she said the doctors an hour late bc hes driving from down south. So ok, I get my paperwork and after filling it out and again return to the front desk and include my coupon that I got from a dispensary on the clipboard. The woman rudely informed me that since I had an appointment that I would be unable to use the $25 coupon I had for the renewal and it would be the full $6 since my rec was expired for more than a month! ( I was only 2 months late renewing!) I argued that they should honor the coupon bc the doctor was not even there for the time I had scheduled! But they still said they would not allow me to use it. I’m pissed now but I’ve already spent the 30 minutes filling out the insane paperwork so I wait it out. 2 HOURS LATER I am finally in front of a doctor, who is taking his time asking me anything bc hes too occupied with his sushi lunch! OMG! I tell him I think its unprofessional and he actually gets an attitude with me! I try to ignore it and go into telling him about my pain from a car accident but he cuts me off and rushes right thru the evaluation with no concern. He then tells me that he only writing me a 6 month recommedation! Are u kidding? I’ve had 3 renewals before coming to this dump and all 3 doctors wrote me one for a year. I knew then this was a bait and switch and i should have left the second the woman at the front denied my coupon. I ended up paying $60 for a 6 MONTH rec and another $20 for an id card which I now find out is pretty much bogus without the actual paper rec! They couldn’t even cut me a break on the card after seeing how much I went through! No customer service care here. Not even a d**n apology for all the inconveniences! I then found out from another guy that he went there and they did the same thing to him. Why this place is still open I have no idea bc I will NEVER go back here! They don’t even care that you’re in pain, its just money money money and to hell with keeping patients happy! Such a Disgrace!

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