Affordable Tire and Brake Seattle

Affordable Tire and Brake Seattle

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Published: 03 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I have had 3 cars damaged by affordable tire and brake. When I demand satisfaction the owner Tony became so difficult to deal with I just gave up. One car (mine) a BMW 535i they swung the lifts arms out and hit the rocker panel on my car and dented it (the car was going in for a complete paint and they fixed the dent for free but that’s not the point) . Another car another BMW 535i (customer car)they put on the wrong size tires on causing the wheel to stick out further than the wheel casuing (all four) major curb rash damage on the wheels outer polished alloy rim (since they are not painted they can’t be fixed back to original) . They sold my customer the tires because they didn’t have the size the car needed and required. I even called ahead to tell Affordable “225’s or 215’s nothing narrower” They put on 205’s. The third car my mothers BMW 733i has forged aluminum wheels and anyone who knows wheels knows that forged wheels are very expensive not to mention the strongest lightest wheels (aluminum or steel) money can buy. They did two things wrong. The first is they put hammer on wheel weights right on the polished aluminum causing damage that can’t be fixed because of the shape of the wheels outer rim design. The second is they used pliers right on the polished chrome center hub caps, again causing fixable damage but the cost would be thru the roof. Tony the owner never says he will or will not pay for the damage he only goes with a “what do you want me to do about it” attitude. He becomes do annoying to deal with I just give up (probably his desired result) And in answer to his “what do you want me to do about it” Whats the name of your insurance company and policy number. He refused to give me that information without ME doing the leg work of finding possible replacements and the cost or get estimates on repair work. I don’t know how to explain how Tony is but its like talking to a tech support number where some person with broken English and he/she keeps saying the same thing over and over. If you understand that that’s how it is dealing with Tony. The wheels are not made anymore and the only ones I have seen for sale the asking prices hovered around 2 brand new replacements (forged aluminum not the same style) are even more. The center caps I can’t find undamaged but if I had some I would want 50 bucks each. I know of a few other instances of damage they have done and not taken responsibility for but they were not cars I was even remotely involved with. If I had at the time full coverage insurance I would have gone that route.

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