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Published: 01 December 2019

Posted by: SeriouslyFolks

Affordable towing is the contracted tow company for my apartment complex. This is decal-controlled and temporary passes can be issued. I bought a car and had a temporary pass for my old car hanging in the driver’s side door jam. I had opened the door and closed the permit in the upper section between the frame and the door. One morning the car was towed. later that day I went to collect the car and found that the driver had grabbed the door and forced it open enough to let the permit slip and fall to the floor. The man at the company (which is operated out of an old house with a fence built around it–not shady at all) accused me of slipping it in there myself when I showed it to him. There were greasy hand prints in the vicinity of each wheel where the driver leaned on the car while tying it down, and there was damage to a mirror where it had been scraped against something. The company denied all responsibility and we got into a yelling match in the yard. They told me that their drivers would do no such thing and that they were honest, and that I needed to just accept responsibility when I didn’t do what I was supposed to. I could believe that the permit might have fallen to the floor on its own, except that it had hung there for three weeks before the car was towed with no problems. To add insult to injury, I was getting rid of the car the next day, so I had to pay the company $135 just to get rid of the car, but I refused to surrender it to them.

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