AFH Holding & Advisory LLC

AFH Holding & Advisory LLC

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Published: 18 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I have recently gotten involved with Amir Heshmatpour as an investor in one of his latest cons, a car dealership roll up. I should have done more due diligence on this man, who has been running a very sophisticated scam for years. He has taken me and several other investors to the cleaners, for a large sum of money. The deal never closed, but Amir continues to show off new cars, watches, and luxury goods, refuses to show an itemized list of expenses. His in-house accountant left him, afraid of the liability he has created for her. In fact the entire company left since Amir owed them their salary for months. Amir has an irrevocable trust, so “presumably” no one knows what s in it, or can collect against his assets, but he lives off a line of credit given to him, which by the way he is under water with. Now that he has burnt through his line of credit and investors money (many of them are too small to fight back), he was forced to move offices to the west side, where he is trying to put together a couple of new cons. Be aware of this man…Look at the amount of reports on him…there are hundreds of people that still dont know they have been scammed. He is currently working on two biotech deals and going out after new investors. Literally everyone who has invested in his colorful deals have lost every single dollar the same exact way. Do NOT make the same mistake that I made. Do your due diligence…Look him up in Seattle, and in Los Angeles if you ever come across any investment opportunities from this man.

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