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Have a foolish customer support and a shady business model!

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Published: 08 May 2019

Posted by: Mary

I bought a man-made diamond ring from Agape Diamonds as I do not support the trade of natural diamonds. I take my time whenever I buy jewellery and I went to their websites for several weeks after which I was able to choose the ring that I really wanted to buy. I bought it off their official website and at that time I thought that it was going to be an excellent thick ring. A couple of days later, the delivery guy came and delivered the ring, I was super excited and I immediately opened the box with a pair of scissors, what I saw just made me disappointed. That ring was nothing like the one I ordered from the website, it was thin and shallow instead of thick and rich. The ring looked really pretty and beautiful in the pictures whereas it was just unattractive and boring in person. To make sure that I was not over judging the ring, I asked my boyfriend who also stated that the ring was “wack”. This was a big disappointment for me because I was really looking forward to wearing this ring. I was totally unsatisfied with the product and wanted to return it. So I picked up the phone and wrote an email to Agape Diamonds which stated that I was not satisfied with the ring they delivered, and I needed a full refund on this product. After a long email conversation with Agape Diamonds, I finally got a refund no. and after that, they called me. The guy on the call said that I cannot return the ring because it was made from 18K Gold, which cannot be returned and all they can do, is give me an exchange. I considered buying a different 18K Gold ring from their website which was priced $600.00 more than the one I bought, I am willing to pay the extra money for a ring that I like, however, you cannot just go and buy ANY ring the shop is offering as your wedding band. It is a very special piece of jewellery and even after I told them that I wanted to buy the ring as a wedding band, they kept on sending me links to other products from their website. It is not a good business practice to do such a thing. And if they had a policy of no refunds on 18K gold products, then they should put it in the front instead of hiding it in a TnC section of their website. I’m not gonna buy anything from Agape Diamonds now. I would advise you to stay away from them as well. I will post my complaint on every social media platform including, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, so more people get to know about this shitty e-commerce store. If you do end up buying something from Agape Diamonds, then just forget about your money or customer satisfaction, because you are never going to get it from them.

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