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Agar Consultancy lures with your dream job abroad and leaves you with no job and hole in your pocket

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Published: 12 January 2017

Posted by: Jared Smith

I am a fresh engineering graduated from Nandha Engineering College. I was hunting for a job and that’s when my friend told me about a placement agency by the name Agar Consultancy. We had never heard of this agency so we decided to go have a look.

Agar Consultancy was located at Manjari Building 4th Floor, Erode – 638001, Opposite Royal Theatre which is a posh locality. We met the Manager Pushpalatha who seemed like a knowledgeable person. She asked about our background, took our CVs and gave us feedback too.

She made several suggestions on our CV and told our what would get eyeballs and what to avoid. She added that there was a dearth of engineers in places like Ireland and they knew several companies that were recruiting people from India, she added that though we were fresh graduates we could easily land a job there. She said we should meet her husband who was the director of the place and get a better idea of how to get good jobs abroad.

We came in the next day and met with Pushpalatha and her husband who said that he would do everything from finding a job that was perfect for us and that they did the whole package finding a residence in area populated by Indians get visa etc. They sold us a good story telling us how we would be ahead of our peers in just two years once we got the jobs in Ireland. Pushpalatha went ahead to tell us how we will have to prepare for the weather there as if we had already got the jobs.

The story was too good for us to leave it. Pushpalatha and her husband now put a price on the better life. They said that they offered two types of placements, one where they did the mailing too with cover letter which was premium and the other was just an SMS service where we would just get an SMS on a daily basis. We were lured way too deep to let go now and hence chose the premium service. The premium service was rather steep it cost Rs. 5000 for six-months, because they said usually people get jobs within the first two months.

We paid them cash and enrolled for the premium service. Soon we expected them to send in our CVs and hoped to get interview calls soon. Soon our friends started getting placed and me and my friend who subscribed with Agar Placement started getting worried. We called Pushpalatha and she said that we should get calls soon as they had just placed another graduate the previous day.

We bought still more of their lies not doubting once that we were taken for a ride. As two months passed and there were still no calls we started getting worried and called Pushpalatha at +(91)-424-4020133, +(91)-9087920122, +(91)-9087655133, +(91)-9087055133 and +(91)-9087920155 but there was no answer. We kept trying the next day but same response.

After trying the numbers for two days straight we decided to drop at their office. Once we were there we realized that the office was closed and there was a lot of mails which seemed more like bills lying outside the office suggesting that they were closed for a while now. We had no other choice but to go back home. We knew now that we had lost our money and were scammed in the name of foreign jobs.
We did our bit of investigation and we have come to the conclusion that Agar Consultancy and Pushpalatha are frauds, they don’t offer placement or jobs anywhere, they just take the money from job aspirants and flee. We are still visiting Agar Consultancy on a regular basis with a hope that we catch the fraud couple. we realized that we weren’t the only ones cheated by them and there were more like us who fell for similar plots like us.

Pushpalatha and her husband are sweet talking charmers who know how to sell their lies, please don’t fall for their story as we did. My friend and I ended up losing valuable time that we could have used to hunt for a job rather than wait for the likes of Pushpalatha to play us. Look for a reputed placement agency and don’t fall for dummy consultancies that loot you, stay away from Pushpalatha and Agar, they are absolute frauds. You won’t get a single rupee once you lose it at Agar Placement, you won’t get a job with them either. Beware.

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