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Published: 31 March 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Normally, I don’t have time to complain but feel obligated warn others. I’ve been using Juvederm for over 12 years. I don’t look my age but try to maintain. No one believes I’m in my 50’s. I went to Dr. Elvis Torres last week to inject 2 small areas on my chin and small spot on my check. – Well, he missed the areas – It’s horrible!!! I have a knot on my chin in two areas from over injecting. I spent $550 for the procedure. Usually, my plastic surgeon does my injections – but for convenience I tried Ageless. I have a ripple in my cheek – that’s visible. The results have caused a false wrinkle. I went to his office to have the areas dissolved. He was in total denial and an excuse for everything – I kept pointing out – that’s not the problem area – why did you inject me there and not over here? I wasn’t happy – I can feel the knots which are very painful- see the ripples. He was very extremely arguementative. His solution was to send me to a plastic surgeon and get a letter that he screwed up! Seriously, he’s advertises as the expert. Obvisouly, he’s not certified to proform these procedures otherwise why go to another for a second opinion. He stated he would need to order the medicine to dissolve it. Several months ago, he suckered me into getting a Vampire peel and radio frequency which cost over $2800. I decided to move forward with hesitation. Neither procedure was worth the money. It was my decision. Don’t waste your time and listen to hype. He’s an amateur. I should have known when he had to draw all over my face a map. The competent surgeons don’t draw because they already know where to inject. Now I’m deformed with lumps and out a bunch of money. WATCH-OUT – .

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