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Published: 18 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I initially spoke with a salesperson who identified himself as James at the company, later to learn that his real name (or at least according to his emails) was Kellen Love (probably made up as well). After explaining how Realtors are constantly hit with scams and that most of the services promise great leads or promise to put in X number of hours with an ISA working on your behalf and then simply keep your money and deliver zero results, I signed up with this company agreeing to pay $300 for each confirmed Seller Only appointment. Like an idiot, I agreed to advance $1,500 for the first 5 appointments with the promise they would be in touch to “on-board” me shortly so that they could represent me clearly to the public when they were talking about my services. They charged my card and I waited to hear back from them, and waited, and waited. Finally, I sent an email and asked where they were and when they were going to get to work generating listing appointments. I received an apology simply stating “My apologies for not getting back sooner. Best regards James K. Love”. Thinking they would now actually do something, I waited, and waited and waited. Now more than 2 weeks had gone by and I did not receive any further communication so I got online and read some of the other reviews from reputable Realtors and realized this company has a history of not performing, so I called my Credit Card company and had them reverse the charge. I next wrote them and told them that I had done this because I had realized they were probably no different than any other real estate lead generation scam that I talk to on almost a daily basis. I did offer to pay them on a “pay per appointment” basis at the agreed upon rate of $300 each. I explained that I would give them $150 for booking the appointment and an additional $150 after I had kept the appointment and determined that it was a legitimate home seller/owner (either current or in the future) and not just someone with time on their hands who their salespeople had convinced to meet with a Realtor so they could get paid. I also told them if they charged my card again, I would invest $1,500 in getting the word out about their company to other Realtors since this would prove they were insincere about the promise to generate Listing Appointments for me (hence the reason I am writing this report now). They initially charged my card under a name other than AgentZip for the $1500. They originally charged as wwww.DJGROUP.Agency. (Clearly they have had problems with other Realtors and have a scheme for ripping them off. Rather than reply directly to my email, they re-charged my card for another $1,500 (this time as AgentZip) and then sent 2 “buyer leads” to me by text message. I replied via text that I was not interested in “buyer leads”, that I had been promised “Listing Appointments”, in the current market buyer’s were a dime a dozen and most wouldn’t be able to purchase a home (I do my own buyer lead generation at a cost of about $10 each not $300). I contacted my Credit Card company again and reversed the charges. Considering how their focus is on keeping my money and not delivering “Listing Appointments” as promised, I anticipate they will probably charge the card again as soon as they realize that VISA reversed the charge back. If you’re reading this and considering using this company, understand that they are good at convincing you they are different from all the rest. THEY ARE NOT! Save yourself the grief and steer clear of this company. All they want is your money and they’re willing to say anything to get it.

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