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AGI atlanta

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Published: 24 September 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I worked at AGI Atlanta full-time. It seemed like a college fraternity or sorority house VS a professional environment. First and foremost; working for this company does NOTHING to prepare you for the real world employer. The way they deceive, act, and teach gives you a salty taste in your mouth and an altered reality of what working for a true professional employer is like.The recruiters and interviewers skirt around the truth. The truth is; the position is 100% DOOR TO DOOR sales, with 100% commission, no benefits, no healthu2026 insurance, no leave or sick pay. In all reality, if you are sick, you are still expected to come to work and go out knocking on doors to get sales. And god forbid if something happens with your child that you truly can’t control and is out of your hands. You will he held accountable as if you were a crappy employee. As if you weren’t dedicated. And more than likely will lose interviews for that week.I had a chance to see and meet with Ed Cunliffe. I do think at one point he had a heart, but he seems to be so deep in now that if what you are doing doesn’t benefit him in some way then you areNothing to him. Which in my experience is a d**n shame because we as employees are giving ourTime and energy into the position no matter how awful it is, and he only cares about how much we are benefiting him. He also flaunts as if he is loaded but I’ve heard rumors about his team and all around business struggles. I just wish he wouldn’t front so much and truly give the good and bad.Working in this role can truly destroy anything going on in your life. You will have no time for friends, family, or anything outside of AGI. You work well over 40 hours (on only commission), then have meetings before work, after work, and soOn. It will become your life. You work on the weekend, even though it isn’t required it is highly encouraged. So basically if you don’t, expect to get the short end of the stick the following week.From my experience AGI is a revolving door. They interview a ridiculous amount of people a week because they lose a ridiculous amount of employees each week. Go ahead and ask them what their turn over rate is. I’m sure they won’t give you a direct answer.As you can tell from my review I just don’t have anything positive to say. I’ve not only gained this knowledge on my own but also spoke with other former employees who felt just as bad as I do about AGI.I also want to make it very clear. I am NOT a disgruntled employee who was fired. I CHOSE to leave this company because there were so many bad experiences with AGI. I usually don’t write reviews but it is only fair to other people interested in AGI to get an honest opinion from someone who experienced their bad practices.Show Less My advice to management is to shut the company down. Stop running a multi level marketing scam of a company and allow these sharp prospective employees to work for a true, honest company.

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