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Published: 02 November 2019

Posted by: ipk

Hi All, I would like to disclose to every one the truth of a group of consulting Companies based in Fremont, Fullerton California. These Co.’s have the same owner only but the guy has started 3 diff. Co.’s in three Diff. names i.e. Kuber Infotech, Agile Infomatics, Trainpro School of IT & FourDimension Technology Solutions. What these super clever people do is, they search for resumes from sites like monster etc. Then all three Co. people call the same people from 3 diff. no.’s pretending 2 b from diff. Co.’s. Their aim is 2 get the person in, from 1 Co. or the other. After calling, they take lame interviews & try to get people in by making tall claims by saying that they’ll pay salary in tunes to 48K to 60 K, that they will sponsor HI-B visas etc. & also that they will give free training & will put people on projects as soon as they finish training. THE TRUTH IS VERY DIFFERENT. First about the owner – he is Dinesh Gupta, an Asian guy who was in some serious litigation trouble as a result of which he has been barred by the law to work in US. What this clever chap has done is he is operating these three companies in the name of his wife Sunita Gupta & daughters, Puja and Nishu Gupta About the Companies- They operate from the same office but use diff. no.’s to call people. They take only telephonic interviews, which r quiet lame as it is, n they say ‘u have been hired by our Co.’ Once they get u in, these people charge 2500 $’s from citizens’ n green card holders as security deposit so that they cannot leave the Co. Also, for students, these people catch them with the promise of HI visa. So obviously the students get attracted & fall into their trap. Not only the deposit, they also make u sign contracts under duress as they do not give u any copy of those. One they make u sign for their Co. & another one is in the name of their training school. Not only this, they make u sign some promissory notes also & so u end up paying for a lot for the training which initially they had promised would be free. (They do not tell u when they hire u that u’ll end up signing two contracts & promissory notes also) So u are caught in a web of deceit & lies from the start itself. Though they say they r project based Companies, in reality, they r just placement companies/ consulting companies. What they do in reality is they get the job requirements from job-sites & try to get people placed on these jobs. Their training school – They say they have a tie-up with some training schools but it is in reality their own co. where they have kept people to train others. It is also a part of these companies. What they do in terms of salary- they pay the people they hire half of what they get from the Companies they place u with e.g. if the charge 70 $’s from companies, they’ll pay us only 20-25 $’s. per hr. Rest goes into their pockets. The most important thing is that they r not able to place people on jobs even after 3 to 5 months also. There have been instances where even after paying the deposit of 2500 $’s, people have left because they got fed up of waiting to get placed even after 3-4 months. I am one of those. They r nothing but a bunch of scamsters who r out to fool not only the poor & innocent people but also the law by operating illegally. I hope the authorities find out about Dinesh Gupta & his connection to these companies & he gets barred from entering the U.S.A. if U HAPPEN TO READ THIS POSTING, PLZ. FORWARD THIS LINK TO ALL THE JOB HOPEFULLS THAT YOU KNOW UR FRIENDS N PEOPLE U KNOW SO THAT THEY ALSO COME 2 KNOW ABOUT THESE SCAMSTERS N R SAVED FROM FALLING IN THE TRAPS OF THESE COMPANIES.

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