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AHEB Investment is a scam company, they rip off investors

I’m writing this complaint on behalf of a friend who’s an investor and has been robbed by this so called Investment group AHEB!! He has been in business for 3 years now and needed some loan/investment for his new project.
We don’t know how exactly this happened but he got a call from AHEB in 2012, the person calling stated that their firm has read his project details and is ready to invest. Excited he didn’t think much and decided to do business with them, but he didn’t know it would turn around and punch him in the face instead.
They told him he needed to pay something called an “upfront fee” which was due diligence, if he wanted the best of his project he needed to pay a certain amount and then there would be no further charges, so he decided to pay and they decided to move the contact further. They told him they would call him afterwards when the paperwork was ready.
He waited for a week, then two weeks and almost a month but no response. So he found a number to call on 1-347-416-6069. When he called they told him they had no records of him and that nobody had spoken to him from the firm. He had already paid them a certain amount and they completely denied any form of contact with him. Now that’s a SCAM!!
So please guys, if any of you have been scammed then please do get in touch, we’ll collaborate and stand against this firm. Action needs to be taken against them and those who haven’t been scammed, please stay away else you’ll be hanging in between and won’t know where to go!
Email – [email protected]


  1. jack mason October 22, 2017
  2. mark joseph October 28, 2017

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