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Published: 24 January 2020

Posted by: Slimex

DO NOT BUY FROM WWW.AHUVA.COM…EVER!! This has got to be the most unethical website online. I have never experienced anything like this before. – I found what I “thought” was a beautiful ladie’s Tillit Prayer Shawl on www.ahuva.com last week. I looked all over before I found the exact one I wanted. Their site said it was made of silk, hand stitched with the Star of David, etc., and even blessed by an official rabbi from Israel. I was thrilled. Then came that feeling of dread. I placed my order online Nov. 24th. It didn’t ship out until the 26th. WHY, I don’t know. I paid $105.00 for the tallit, and another $37.00 for EXPRESS AIR SHIPPING so I’d get it in 2 days as promised. When I tried to inquire about the status of the shipping date, I heard nothing. What’s even more unsettling was the fact that once I’d ordered it, I went back to their website to view it again, only I couldn’t find it. Confused, I emailed them again asking them to attach a picture of the one I ordered. They did, but not after asking me all sorts of questions about my order number, etc. (I found this very odd, because all of that information was ATTACHED via my reply to their previous email which contained all of my information.) It made no sense, . I finally received a prayer shawl via FEDEX on 11/28 but it’s not the one I ordered. This one is plain compared to the one I saw online. This one is lavender also, but does not have one Star of David on it, nor any of the other special stitching I loved. This one has crowns. The one I saw online did not. This one’s material is not silk or even silk-like. It feels rough and looks like it’s one that’s been mass produced someplace on an assembly line. I was also bummed to see that it came from “Ontario, Canada” not Israel. Frustrated, I called the phone number listed on their website: [protected]. It rang nearly 8 times before an answering machine picked up. It did not give any recognizable name (like, “hello, you’ve reached Ahuva…”) Instead, it just says to leave a message then a beep sounds. I’ve done this twice, with no return phone call. I did receive a very weird email from someone at Ahuva, with the subject line containing nothing but HTML coding style letters and symbols. I almost didn’t open it, but when I did, it was someone from ahuva asking yet AGAIN for my “order number” so they could research my order. I have counted SEVEN EMAILS back and forth between me and AHUVA.COM pertaining to this purchase and have YET to have it resolved. All they ever do is ask me for my ordering information, which I’ve provided to them several times. I’ve repeatedly asked them to provide instructions to me on how I can return the one they sent me so that I can receive a full refund to my credit card ASAP. Since they choose to ignore my requests, I have decided to write reviews about my experience online so that others won’t have to go through what I have. I cannot afford to just give away $142.00. I have since found other reviews of customers who’ve purchased items from this website and had similar experiences. Some people had to wait months to receive their items, while others are still waiting after 2 years. I wish I had known about this website before making my purchase. I’d love nothing more than to see it shut down for good. They are taking advantage of innocent people. Please..if you or someone you know is looking for an authentic Jewish artifact, or item, DO NOT GO TO AHUVA.COM.

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