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AIC America Inc, AIC Leads

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Published: 19 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

[7/5/2018 8:57:47 AM] Angie: Jim, that is fine if you want to work for $5 per lead. I still have the mindset that you can definitely be getting more like 25-30 leads in 20 hours of calling time so you’re more than welcome to stay on the system [7/5/2018 8:59:32 AM] Angie: we are switching to a new dialer next week called YTel and we are going to need to change our pay method to pay pal for a few weeks until our tax id number comes through so we can use direct deposit again. Do you have a pay pal account? The check we get monday is NOT going to be pay pal that is direct deposit and the check you get Friday the 11th will be direct deposit then the check for friday the 18th will be the first one that will be pay pal-ed so please let me know if you do want to switch over when we do (y) [7/7/2018 9:01:15 AM] Angie: (wave) Jim, I’m sorry to have to tell you this but I found out this morning that our pay isn’t in yet and that accounting was out of the office ALL week last week so we won’t get our deposit until Tuesday, July 8th. I didn’t know ahead of time this was going to be the case and this should be the last time that we encounter a delay like this. We are changing some things around with the way we are structured, so this week we will not be using the Promero dialer system anymore, we’ve moved to a new system called YTel and we will be paying via paypal starting this week (week ending July 12th) so if you do want me to get you in that system and get you going please let me know as soon as you’re able (yn) ty [7/7/2018 2:00:00 PM] Jim Williams: OMG, I don’t have paypal so I cant get paid, sorry and paypal wont work for me, this is horrible, you guys ‘accounting is causing problems in my life, so unhappy! (n) [7/7/2018 2:01:21 PM] Jim Williams: how can you guys keep a staff when you guys dont pay people on time, I pissed this is just rude of AIC, very rude and unprofessional- horrible [7/7/2018 2:01:33 PM] Jim Williams: (devil) [7/7/2018 2:02:34 PM] Angie: yeah, no kidding, it’s causing some major problems for me as well… we’ll be going back to direct deposit once our new tax ID comes through. We keep a staff because it’s the company we are contracting FROM that has delayed our pay. It’s one man, Ricky Whitman and if you want to call him and tell him how unprofessional and rude he is feel free here is his number [7/7/2018 2:02:35 PM] Jim Williams: You guys need to send me a paper check for my last check [7/7/2018 2:03:24 PM] Angie: 601-917-8037 [7/7/2018 2:03:47 PM] Angie: your last check will be direct deposit from AIC it will go in Friday the 11th as long as he does it on time [7/7/2018 2:13:38 PM] Jim Williams: I called he aint answer but I left him a straight forward voicemail, [7/7/2018 2:13:46 PM] Jim Williams: thanks your great angie [7/7/2018 2:14:41 PM] Angie: good job Operating without Federal Tax ID, Making fraudulent leads to full orders for Life Insurance clients whom orders from AIC, switching the dailer system from Five9 a few weeks later changed the dailer system to Pomero and now switching the dailer system to Ytel, they must not be paying the vendors they do business with if they are changing there opertion system every few weeks. Its been four weeks now I have not yet to be Paid by direct deposit as promised and now the payroll company does not want to work with them because they havent been paid so, now i have been told I’ll get paid from paypal. DON”T BUY BAD LEADS FROM SHERRY at AIC Leads The business is not registered in the State of MS, and they have no physical address, they will hustle you and never answer the Phone 800-935-4280 or email [email protected] 2011-2018 AIC Leads, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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