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Published: 18 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Just a quick note to anyone who is considering working for AIC America: Rick Whitman, the company owner, took off with the payroll and no one is getting paid for at least 2 weeks worth of work that was completed. Here is the conversation with my supervisor via Skype when she first let me know that he wasn’t going to pay us… “Angie, Last night Amanda told me that she called Tena, the accountant, to confirm that she DID process our pay for the week ending the 28th of June that we are waiting for and have been waiting for. Tena told Amanda that she has NOT processed our pay nor could she reach Ricky, the owner of AIC America Inc. Amanda called Ricky and WAS finally able to reach him and he told her that he CAN’T pay us. He said he does not have the money. I don’t know what he has done with all the money that we have been bringing in from sales and he never gave us any hint that he was not going to pay us and he will not explain himself. He did say that he would pay us “when he can”. That means that he is with holding the week ending June 30th AND the week ending July 5th until an undertermined amount of time. I am waiting for Sherry to figure out what we can do. She called the state police in MS and legally there is nothing we can do because we are contractors and we are not protected by the labor board. We are trying to get enough funds built up so that we can try to handle it with money from Sassy leads but right now we have literally just started out and we are still getting everything in order. I don’t know what this will mean for us or whether or not any of our callers will stay and try to make this work but I do hope so ;( I have about fifty people right now, including me, whose bills are due and who this is seriously screwing over. I do promise that we will do all we can. This morning this is all the information that I have so this is all the information that I can pass on and it’s not good. Ricky told Amanda to just disappear off Skype and ignore everyone but we will NOT do that. I am going to stay here and try to get through this and anyone else who can do that and is will please do because this is a temporary setback. We were trying to make sure this didn’t happen by getting Sassy leads going so that we don’t have to depend on a person like Ricky who can, in good conscience, ROB PEOPLE who work hard for their paychecks and I really do not understand why he didn’t tell us to shut it down weeks ago if he had spent all our money but those are questions that won’t ever have answers I guess. All I can do right now is express how saddened and disappointed I am by this situation and let you know that we are doing all we can to try to get us sorted out. I know that does not help when your money isn’t there and you need and I’m so sorry.” Ok everyone…if Ricky Whitman and AIC are still lurking around out there hiring new people, here is your warning that you will most likely NOT get paid. .

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