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Published: 31 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

When I first considered living at Royal Crest Estates, Nashua, NH, I was shocked at the outdated, shabbiness of the homes. I needed to move quickly, so I overlooked the shabbiness and chose to rent there for $1600,00 +, per month. Since I am the apartment’s only tenant, with (1) small dog (under 25 lbs.), I thought that life would be alright there. I was not pre-informed of the Bed Bug issues, which RC treats, almost non-stop. I have lived at Royal Crest, since 10/2016. Bed Bugs, are a constant issue here, and some apartments have been treated non-stop from 10/2018 until early 07/2017. I informed Royal Crest Management in writing on 06/29/2017, of my intent to move out. I have since been given (2) RC documents: 1) Instructions to Move out. 2) Undated, Move out document, which requires Tenant completion and signature and dating. RC Management, will consider themselves, uniformed, of the Tenant’s desire to vacate, if this form is NOT completed, asap. Any other type of Move out Notifications, are considered to be untimely, and there is an additional charge for this. Royal Crest-Nashua, NH, requires (3+) months pre- notification, in writing before they will accept a current Tenant’s desire to vacate. If the Pre-notification Exit Form, is not signed, hand- delivered to them, (3+) months in advance they will charge additional fees. RC, will claim they were never told. I have been in constant contact with the Royal Crest Estates – Nashua, NH, Management Team, since 10/2016. I have kept them informed on an ongoing basis, of my unhappiness there. I Declined the “Special Lease Extension” at the current rental cost, in writing on 06/29/2017. I Declined, 07/2017, via email, the Royal Crest Community Manager’s offer of Lease Extensions, for any # of months, at the current rental price. I received no confirmation or comments, back from the RC Management Team, regarding my desire to leave Royal Crest in October, 2017. I finally (07/21/2017) received the (2) above mentioned forms, only when I pushed the issue of Lease Termination. Basically, the RC Management Team, does everything it can to ignore a Tenant’s desire to leave the community. Signing a Lease at Royal Crest Estates, is like joining the MAFIA. They do not let Tenants out! without incurring, deep, extra debt to RC. Royal Crest Estates – Nashua NH, is a fully advertised NON- SMOKING community, yet cigarette butts are everywhere. Cigarette smoke wafts into my apartment (#9, 3rd floor) on a regular basis. I have reported this issue, via email, constantly and nothing is done. I have always kept Apt. #9, in “Move- in” condition, I have not broken anything, yet there is a non-replaced stress – cracked window, in (1) Turret bedroom, from Day 1. The shower curtain rod, and (1) micro – blind, fell down on me, shower rod fell while I was in the shower. The venetian blind, in (1) window fell out of its housing, and onto my foot. The tub does not drain properly. The hair trap’s fastening screw, is too small for the tub, so nothing is connected internally. The tub does not hold water, the bathroom sink does not hold water. The water seals are old, dried out, so the fixtures hold no water. The dishwasher does not properly, clean the dishes. The oven is too cost prohibitive to use, on a regular basis. All of the resources, (including Pest Control), are shared resources, even though I do not have Bed Bugs, others do and I pay for the Pest Control, like every other tenant. Water, Trash Removal, are also shared resources. There is a $10.00 monthly onsite Parking Fee. Pet Fees $40.00 per pet. Service Fees, which are based on the Shared Resources cost. Early payment of rent, is of no Tenant benefit. The Refrigerator is outdated, and freezes most fruits and vegetables, regardless of the internal fridge settings. The Trash, Laundry and Storage Rooms, are in a large unventilated area, which often smells so bad that it is almost impossible to walk into. Oftentimes, in the summer, the Garbage stink wafts up through the hallways and the odor is vile. Onsite mailboxes, have had all of their addresses sold off to the local businesses, so the mail boxes are inundated, daily with advertisements, junk mail, and food menus. There is no way to end the junk mail barage. I have tried, to no avail. The internal hallways, are filthy, dank on humid days and filled with the smells of greasy foods, cigarette smoke, and burnt microwave popcorn. The internal fire alarms go off often due to the microwave popcorn. No service elevators. No Security, the outside doors barely latch, most of the time, and do not cathc in very cold weather, at all. The screens in the windows are too small for the windows, so the insects, pour in at night. Tenants are charged, and new tentants are re-charged and re-charged for damages, they did not make. Tenants, like myself who are clean and neat, are liabilities to Royal Crest. An apartment kept in “Move-Out” condition, does provide RC with the ability to recoup any extra funds, at the end of the Lease. I have kept this apartment, ultra clean, neat and respected. I have already been treated like an unwanted tenant, who is responsible for many problems and issues, that I have not caused. Royal Crest Estates, Nashua, NH, is no value for anyone’s money and is no longer the luxury apatrments, that it used to be more than 20 years ago.

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