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Published: 19 October 2018

Posted by: mickleww

Aimloan kept inventing hurdles when I tried to refinance through them, but luckily for me, so they said, they could help me out with their convenient (overpriced) solutions. I set about trying to refinance when the interest rates dropped. After being lured in by their low rates and paying $300 for the appraisal, they started finding “problems.” Even though I have a credit score of over 800 and have paid an extra $60k in principal in the less than two years since I got my original loan, somehow they believed that lowering my monthly payments would make me too risky for their best rates. Then their “independent” appraiser said my house was worth $100, 000 less than the real bank appraisal that I”d gotten less than two years prior (this was all after the real estate bubble burst, btw). They ignored me when I pointed out that–even though my house was literally 40-60% bigger–the appraiser valued my house significantly less than his “comparables.” Their solution was something like this: “No problem, we have a loan that”s perfect for you: the interest rate is 0.5% higher, you have to pay an extra two points, and we”ll need to use the mortgage to pay off your wife”s student loan that you cosigned (which, at 2.25% and deferred until she would finish school 2.5 years later would be a raw deal for me), but we can help you out because we”re so generous and accommodating.” No thanks. I got the same interest rate that aimloan originally advertised by going through a local bank. Their appraiser showed my house to be worth $115k more than aimloan”s crony, and I got everything taken care of with no problems.

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