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Published: 10 March 2020

Posted by: ZacO74

False Advertising and not delivering the product represented. On June 27th 2007, there was a Bizbash Event Style Show in Los Angeles where various businesses were presenting their products to Event Planners. There were 2 oxygen bar vendors, Oxygen Party Bar and Airheads Oxygen Bars. Oxygen Party Bar is my business which is a family owned business. Airheads is out of Florida and one of the larger oxygen bar business in America. As an oxygen bar owner with 4 years experience, I consider myself an expert in knowing how they work. When I visited the Airheads Oxygen Bar, they told me they were getting about 75% oxygen at 12 liters per minute from their oxygen concentrators. I asked where their oxygen concentrators were and they showed me 2 shoe box size boxes that were fish tank air pumps, not oxygen concentrators. Oxygen concentrators are about 27 inches tall and weigh about 35 lbs. They also claimed they can serve oxygen to 12 different customers at once. Concentrators capable of delivering that amount of oxygen to 12 stations concurrently would be about the size of a Volkswagen. I returned to my oxygen bar and retrieved a meter I have that measures the percentage of oxygen present. I recorded 19.9% oxygen in the room and my oxygen bar was delivering 75 to 85 percent oxygen depending upon the current usage. I went to the Airheads Oxygen Bar and connected to their oxygen line and recorded 18.5% oxygen, less than what was present in the room. Apparently their equipment is consuming some oxygen. When they discovered what I was doing the told me to leave. They made no attempt to prove me wrong. These tests and observations confirm that Airheads is misleading customers and selling aroma scented air and presenting it as aroma scented oxygen. This is false advertising and possibly fraud. Their web sites claim they use oxygen concentrators, but in fact they substitute air pumps and the customers do not know the difference. I suspect this practice is more common when they travel to events because shipping oxygen concentrators can be expensive and the air pumps can be fit into a small suitcase. Customers walk away claiming they can not notice any difference, which is true. With a true oxygen bar session, customers will notice a pick up in energy and relief from stress and fatigue, among other benefits. When hiring an oxygen bar for your event, beware of any vendor that claims they can serve oxygen to 12 people at once. At Oxygen Party Bar we use 2 oxygen concentrators to provide up to 95% oxygen to 4 oxygen dispensers. To dispense oxygen to more people, we need to add one more oxygen concentrator for each pair of oxygen dispenser stations. When visiting any oxygen bar, ask to see their oxygen concentrator and expect to see a suitcase size unit with a flow meter to calibrate the oxygen flow.

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