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Published: 22 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Transportation is very important in the busy lives everyone is having these days.  And cab companies are utilizing this opportunity through different methods. Technology has made them come up with applications and websites to help you with this. But there are firms that prioritize money over anything. You might be late for a meeting or coming back from a wedding becomes a tricky job for you, what will you do? You will avail these cab services to reach your destination earlier and easier. Airport Express is among those names who claim to provide good transportation services but in reality, the customers are not at all satisfied with Airport Express. This company sucks and that’s not a false claim. I had a terrible experience with these guys and I’m not the only one.
Repeatedly, issues with their customer service have been reported. Customers say that whenever they order a cab from Airport Express, they have to wait a lot for the cab to be booked. Their application is not fast enough. Transportation service is made to bring ease but what I have faced was definitely not easy. The driver did not pick me up on time and when I called their customer support, the representative was so harsh and my query remained unresolved. Airport Express Inc. must focus on their customer support otherwise they will lose more customers in no time.
A friend of mine ordered a cab from Airport Express Inc. once. She was quite late from a party and had to rush home but as usual, the cab was late. She asked the driver about it politely but the driver seemed a little drunk or sleepy and started yelling. She tried her best to calm the situation but it was useless. She had to end the ride in the middle as she could not bear the drivers yelling. She immediately reported about this to the customer support but no action has been taken until now.
The other me and my friends had some plans to refresh ourselves and we needed a car. We tried everything but in the end, we were left with no choice but Airport Express. I never wanted to order a cab from them in the first place but there was no choice and we ordered. The cab arrived on time unexpectedly and we were pleased with that. As soon as we stepped in the car, a vibrant smell of smoke struck our nose and we witnessed a few cigarettes buts too.
Airport Express needs to consider all these problems as soon as possible. Cleanliness is appreciated everywhere and if you do not provide hygienic cabs, nobody would consider you. The increasing fares and still no improvement in customer support and hygiene is the reason they are losing customers every day.
I would suggest you avoid this company too. These people don’t care about their customers and it’s evident by the way they treated me and my friend. You should alert your friends and relatives about this godforsaken hellhole.

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