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Published: 27 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

When I started Airserve..I was actually in what was suppose to be orientation and I was training others during my app process.. Later to discover they lost my folder.. I started orientation twice without proper training.. And they abused my finances and time with their disorganized practices.. Because of it it took me almost 2.5 months to get my first check..payroll Victoria was very rude.. She spoke to you in a disturbing way.. Later I heard her make remark about my young ads as so others I addressed it with a with all due respect old do u guys think I am.. The reply was on my 20’s.. Which I get most of the time at jobs.. After I explained to them I was 8 months away from. Turning 40.. They broke. So many federal codes. During this process .. There. Were people coming off the street using old badges that were given by TSA clearing process that was never reported.. That the people no longer worked there I saw cash passed in hand .. This company employs mostly imigrants so .. I naught it yo the concern of the untrained supervisors that got there positions very quickly sometimes in weeks of working there.Once I started working in Terminal B Me and my best friend was sexually harrased by a manager .. And harrased and belittled by the staff of American air lines .. Most days I wantes to cry because of the aide conversations or the unfit approachs that literally made me feel as tho I joined a cult instead of a team.. I later discovered that my checks was almost 2 months or more late in recievingship.. At thia point its 4 months now I haven’t got paid.. In homeless and had a very bad breakdown. So many things has happened that I can’t type due to medical reasons.. If u want to know more.. Besides the fact that Claista a manager in D terminal that verbally attacked me more than one refused to turn in my time correction sheet due to C terminal long lines and faught clock in machines.. She also called me a runaway Nigerian and said that she was older than me and that I need to listen . I told management I wrote emails. Requesting pay.. And noone would help me.. I’m scared to write this because they have. Huge ring of misschevious people working there that is not from America that is very over bearing. One guy even threatens and violated my personal space.. By me being disabled I don’t know what to do please help me .

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