AIS Market Research, Inc.

AIS Market Research, Inc.

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Published: 25 November 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

This is the form letter sent to me along with a cashiers check made out to ME drawn on bank Ascend Federal Credit Union. u2014. u2014. Due to the Delay in delivery of package from mail Courier, Your first survey has been changed from Western Union To WALMART- Money Gram, Conduct the survey and wire transfer from Money Gram In Walmart Take note Please, sorry for the Mix-Up.Payment Delivered by REGULAR MAIL.Your first assignment is to be conducted and carried out at a particular financial institution (MONEYGRAM),They have them in all your local Walmarts, Advance America and other grocery stores around your home area. You are to conduct an evaluation on the nearest location to your residence. You will be acting as a customer, and actually be making a transfer as a customerFollow The details Below:Salary is $200 for your 1st task,The rest $1480 will be used for the transfer to next eligible shopper for his own Task.. send $1350 to the below info.The rest $130 should cover the wire fees charged by Money Gram for transfer charges.(Wire Service To Be Used: Money In Minutes)Send $1350.00 Via Money Gram to the details belowRECEIVER:First Name: TIMOTHYLast Name: BRIGGSAddress: 921 S Mansfield AveCITY: LOS ANGELESSTATE: CALIFORNIAZIP CODE: 90036Send Amount: $1350**PROCEDURES**-How long it took you to get services.-Ambiance/Outlook of the Shop/Outlet-Intelligence of the attendant-Customer service professionalism-Reaction of personnel under pressure-Information that you think would be helpful-Your comments and impressions.-Send Money Gram information to [email protected] or simply reply to this email.You will include senders name and address, 8 digit Reference Number, Exact amount transferred after deducting Money Gram charges.Any questions, refer to above E-mail addressThanks for your time and effort, and we look forward to working with you again.Thanks,Contact Person: Mr Dennis Beckett.Phone: (929) 251-4004SMS #: (910) 557-9178

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