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Aishah Organics-Skin and Haircare - Horrible, unprofessional business & scam.

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Published: 22 July 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I purchased a lavendar sugar scrub for my girlfriend weeks ago with Aishah Organics through HHN Marketplace platform and on my part I’ll admit I entered the wrong address and it was my responsibility to double check and make sure the address was correct before placing my order; so I did bring it to Aishah Organics attention that I had put the wrong address and had to correct it asap in which I did. But even in that, it took Aishah Organics days to respond back to me which frustrated me because it’s crappy, horrible customer service and so I had to reach out to HHN Marketplace to put them in the middle and get the situation handled; so the marketplace did reach out to Aishah Organics and still no reply, so I went to the postal office and they told me my package had been sent back to the sender, so yet again I notified Aishah Organics of this situation because at this point they’re telling me you have the package, days go by again and still no communication from Aishah Organics so the marketplace team has to jump in and contact her again…..3 days went by and Aishah Organics finally responded back basically stating that I had to buy the product all over again and she couldn’t refund my money back (probably because she already had spent it). But the point is that I know I put the wrong address, but even when the product was sent back to her (pretty much the package is lost), why should I have to buy the product all over again? put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and just think about it!!…….hell I didn’t even receive the first package so why the fuck I’m going to pay for another product. Wouldn’t it have been easier to just reship the product back to me (I would have gladly paid the extra shipping charge if I had to) or refund me back my damn money. Instead Aishah Organics took my money and I still have no product at all which sucks big time. It’s very disappointing. You had absolutely no problem taking my money but offered nothing in return or even tried to go above and beyond to handle the situation in a professional manner. Instead Aishah Organics deleted their account with the quickness just to duck and dodge the entire situation and take off with my money (how very responsible and professional of you). Now I have to file a dispute with PayPal to get my money back on my card. I’m so happy HHN Online Marketplace got rid of you because they are a great, black-owned marketplace that really cares about their customers and community and want the best for all; Aishah Organics is the only seller I’ve had a problem with on the HHN Marketplace. Every other seller I’ve brought from on HHN Marketplace like famous brands such as Nubian Hertiage, Shea Shea Bakery, TOUCH Body Works, OFiveTwenty1 have always had exceptional customer service, going above and beyond. This experience with Aishah Organics almost made me nervous about ordering online again…..but HHN Marketplace are amazing people and shipped me a beautiful basket full of their wonderful food products and body care products for FREE (which I received today) just to make it up to me for the terrible experience I had with Aishah Organics. HHN Online Marketplace did not have to do that for me at all as they were not to blame in this situation, but this just goes to show the integrity and kindness of Herbal Healing Nation’s company and their marketplace and I am definitely still a customer for life with HHN Online Marketplace and know their company will continue to thrive in all aspects.

But Aishah Organics, no matter what you say or feel. What you did was wrong and I have no idea how in the world you’re even in business or a business owner for that matter with this type of customer service and negative attitude. I know the wrong address was my fault but I corrected it and waited for my package to come (no need to go into the long story again)…….then I feel you need to work on a better communication level with your customers. I can’t speak for all your customers but my experience in doing business with you was horrible and highly unprofessional. Just because you’ve been in business for however long you been in business does not mean you need to get a big head so be humble. There is always room to improve and grow no matter how successful you are, and you should treat every single last customer you come across in a professional manner and communicate with them properly.

This would have been my first time trying out your little product, but after this…..I have no intention of ever purchasing from you again, especially when their are better, reputable and PROFESSIONAL brands out there! Get it together, for real.

The official and right way for her to handle it was to refund the order and have me order again with the correct address. Business 101! All is fair and everyone wins because there isn’t a single eCommerce business that I personally know that has not had a customer who’s made a mistake of making an error on the address.

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