A&J Cycle Salvage - Anthony Centone

A&J Cycle Salvage - Anthony Centone

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Published: 24 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Let the Buyer be Very Aware, Especially in Lester PA I needed a part for my motorcycle. The mechanic I go to told me that the part would be about $200, new. He also suggested that I go to A&J Cycle Salvage located in Lester, PA that specializes in used motorcycle parts and save a few dollars. I went to the business as I had done in the past quite a few times. As the counter person brought out the part he told me that the part was very expensive. He asked if I had priced it to which I answered that I had not. (I had already been told about what that item would cost.) He told me the price new was $400 but he would let me have it for $150. This company in Lester, just South of Philadelphia Airport, sells parts for 50% of the price of new items. I questioned the serviceability of the part as it looked a bit rough and worn. Another person working the counter, who I believed to be the owner of the business (Anthony Centone) came outside, looked at my bike and explained how this part is so much better than the existing part on my bike. They explained why it looked worn and that the wear really wasn’t wear. I paid for it with a credit card and they made me sign a sales slip that stated among other things ALL SALES FINAL & ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS. When I presented the credit card they also demanded a drivers’ license which they photocopied. I few days later I brought my motorcycle to my usual mechanic to have some work done and the part installed. When I picked up my bike a few hours later the mechanic explained that he tried to install this part on my bike and the part was warped, damaged and totally unserviceable. I asked him to price a new one. The price he found was $172, new. I was flabbergasted!!! The used parts place that claims to be honest told me the new part was $400 and they were kind to give it to me for $150. I settled the bill with the mechanic for the work he did perform and the attempt to install the used part. I asked him if there was the possibility that the used parts place may have quoted me the price for a titanium part branded by some popular racing company or something like that. He explained this was the ONLY part that exists for this specific application and that no brand or different material for my bike would cause that part to cost $400. I felt lied to and deceived. I went back to the used parts place to return this unservicable part. The person at the counter told me I could have another one but I would have to wait a few days. I explained that I already paid someone to fix my bike and that the part was unserviceable due to being warped and deep scoring. He told me he would get me another one in a few days. I tried to obtain a refund without stating that I thought he runs a dishonest business. He told me that there are no refunds and that was it. At this time I explained to him that I was misinformed by him and the other person at the parts counter as to the true price of a new part and that I was drastically overcharged for the used part and I again requested a refund based on that information. He pointed to my signature on the sales slip and the print less than one-inch away that states NO REFUNDS AND ALL SALES FINAL. I again requested a refund as I had been lied to and my decision to purchase was in part based on the information the employees of his organization had provided me with respect to the serviceability and price of the item. I was instructed to leave. This business has a sign on the wall inside stating that they run an honest business and that if you’re not honest that they don’t want to do business with you. In order to be made whole I tried everything possible. 1. Visit detailed above to request a refund. 2. Disputed the charge with the credit card company that the purchase had been made with. The merchant knew the drill to reject the chargeback as I signed the slip agreeing to “all sales final, absolutely no refunds” 3. Complaint to Better Business Bureau of Eastern Pennsylvania; They forward complaints to merchants and act as a mediator. There was no response from the merchant so there was no response from the BBB. The better business bureau now reports an “unresolved complaint” for A&J Cycle Salvage. 4. Letter to owner, certified, return receipt requested; Letter was received and signed for. No response from Anthony Centone. 5. Complaint filed with PA Attorney General; This governmental agency often acts as a mediator when it feels the public interest would be best served in that capacity. The PA Attorney General was able to obtain a response from the the company. Anthony’s paraphrased response sent to the AG Office was that I apparently didn’t need the part and that I’m trying to perform some type of scam. The Attorney General also sent me information on how to bring action against a party in district court. Because I signed the All Sales Final Absoultely No Refunds sales slip I anticipate no satisfaction from actions brought in district court. 6. Complaint to Visa International due to the photocopying of my driver’s license in connection with a Visa credit card transaction. No merchant is permitted to request identification unless the credit card is unsigned. Anthony and his dishonest business stole from me the first time by overcharging for a defective part. I now fear that this business can now steal from me and others by misusing my identity as they have all they need from my identification card. I truly hope that they do run an honest business and that the demonstrated dishonesty they displayed with respect to the purchase was just occasional and isolated greed on the part of the all people I have been directly or indirectly in contact with at his business. LET THE BUYER BEWARE IN LESTER! Mc Elwyn, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.

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