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Published: 20 April 2019

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We were 2 family each i.e. total of 4 adults and 4 kids who booked kashmir tour ( neelam valley ) with AJK tours in June 2014. During our discussions with them we agreed on best quality accomodation and a good quality confortable toyota hiace from Lahore uptil kel and then return back to Lahore, while from kel to taubut will be via a jeep since we had kids. When we reached Lahore from Karachi we got the Hiace but the driver didn;t even knew the way from Lahore to Islamabad as he was a school driver, since it was school vacation therefore the hiace which was contracted was used as a school van which was in good condition but the driver didn’t knew about any outside city routes. While reaching rawalpindi our first detsination we were almost terrified with the idea that ajktours will guide the driver and he will take us to kashmir as we think that we hardly reached rawalpindi with this driver, howcome this guy can take us to difficult terrain of kashmir and the point of having a tour was to have a well trained guide with us, not a van driver. So they ask us to go to muzaffarabad where they provided us the guide for our tour but the driver remianed same. When we left for peer chanasi our first destination it was clear that driver had no idea on how to ride on roads like this and he reluntantly took us to the destination refusing to go further up and also encountering a minor accident on the way. When we reached Keran our first destination driver made it clear that he will not take us to kel as his driving skills and their hiace is not capable of this task, ajktours keep insisting the driver to go further but finallly driver clearly refused and even we were afraid to go with the driver now since he wasn;t confident enough. This happened on the 3rd day of our tour and we had 4 more days so ajk tours said they will send another vehicle next morning. Next morning to our surprise what we got was a 93 model pajero without any rooftop luggage area. Since we were 2 family and with 4 heavy luggages it wasn;t possible for us to fit in this jeep for the rest of our journey and for 4 more days. Upon calling AJK they responded we need to adjust to it and they asked the driver to do the same. Since there were no mobile access there and with no chance of any replacement we managed to sit in the pajero with a discomfort which became synonymous to our journey for the next 4 days since the roads were very tough and with kids on laps it was very inconvenient. The only thing which kept us moving was the beautiful views surrounding us. Upon our return to muzaffarabad we first met with ajk representative as we had an ordeal to tell them but they took it so casually as if it was nothing and promised to compensate not now but upon our return. In short they charged us for hiace or 2 jeeps and delivered us 1 jeep only for both families. The accomodation were also even not paid at kel and we had to pay from our own pockets while for 6 days the hotels were average and apart from one ( which had periodical hot waster) none had even hot water access. We were very reasonable and adventurous people and don;t mind average accomodation even with kids but when you are charging a hefty sum then these should be considered. We even cancelled our return to lahore and left their vehicle on murree without asking for any refund from them as it was our decision. Now upon our return to Karachi and asking for refund which we belive amounts to around 20% of what we paid because of inconveniences of vehicle they keep delaying and then in the end settled for mere Rs.7500 refund out of Rs.122,000 which we had paid them for the 6 days 7 night trip. In short all the inconveneinces of vehicle were acknowledged but they said we don;t have too much margin and thats all we can pay??? Hello? we don;t care what your margin is which i think was way to good for the accomodation we got and single pajero for which they charged us Rs.122,000. We even had to pay for driver meals etc. In short since we were back in Khi and now busy in out daily life after emailing them numerous times and arguing thats all what they paid back after around 2 weeks time. In short its best to hire a local azad kashmir transport or driver and book hotel youself. Even if you book tours with them then don;t pay them upfront ( the mistake which we did ).

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