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Published: 27 November 2019

Posted by: Kim Jaros

Hello! My name is Kim Jaros and I have been breeding Persian and Himalayan cats and kittens for over 22 years and have never encountered a situation like Alisha and Pam (the mother) Hessler. First of all, unknowingly entered into a signed contract by a minor (14), and they wanted a show quality kitten, preferably chocolate, which I had for sale. I was referred to them from another breeder Barbara Redalia. That is the only connection in this situation concerning this issue. She dragged out payments for six months after signing the now void contract all the time while other people had offered me more money. Eventhough the contract was later to be found void, I still kept my word to sell her to Alisha. Upon the early discussions when the kitten was only 7 weeks old, I advised her that the picture sent will show a few follicles of hair missing due to fungus (ringworm). I followed the vetinarians orders to a tee including bathing regularly in special dips, topical and oral medication. It cleared up within four days, but like an antibiotic, it required two months of treatment to be sure to irradicate the fungus. She also came down with a “cold” and treated for that also. I do not ignore a cat/kitten who shows the slightest sign of a health problem. Like babies, kittens get sick too. I kept Alisha abreast of everything from the playfulness to box training. Then after “eating” the remainder of shipping costs that would incur; AFTER getting my vetinarian’s Health Certificate as required by the airlines to ship, the mother (Pam Hessler) called the night before shipping and (also the day of the Health Certificate done) at midnight her time and 9PM Cailifornia time, she CANCELLED and DEMANDED her money back stating the cat was diseased. What a crock of baloney. Then she slandered myself and Barbara Redalia on the internet sight and called everyone or emailed everyone who was a abreeder of chocolate and lilac kittens and slandered us. She went so far as to contact animal control in my city through my landlord and tried to have me KICKED out of my apartment, but everything was koscher and my landlord had to apologize as I keep an immaculate house. Can you believe it? She called Barbara a “fat ###” and made threats. They werre taken off three web sites affiliated with promoting sales and fanciers of this breed. Finally, even their URL completely shut down their web site. They threatened a law suit under the Lemon Law, but of course my certificate from the vet supercedes any form of this in my case since the vet gave the kitten a thorough exam. They were so pompous stating in their so called “scam alert” and emails to us that they are asking for three times the purchase price and snidely remarked “How close are you to Disneyland?’ I took care of that cat for over six months, what profit did I make? I could have sold her for twice the amount, turned down offers even though there was no contract only to STICK me? All I say to them is quit acting like children and GROW UP!

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