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Neither their service is good nor is their behavior.

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Published: 26 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Back in my lawn, there were just a lot of plants growing.  And once, when my neighbor had visited us, she asked me about the plants.

I told her there are a lot of plants growing and I don’t know which one is beneficial and which one isn’t.  She who is a botanist, examined the plants and told me that there are some really good plants and that I could call some tree removal company.

The next day I saw aka tree removal’s advertisement. It looked pretty impressive, and that is why I decided to call them up and get my lawn cleaned.

When that came In, everything seemed pretty professional. Like they knew what they were doing. But the only thing that bothered me was they had less people on board, as my lawn was pretty big.

But I was like its on them. And then when I talked to the manager he told me that it would take a 2 days to remove the whole thing. I was like okay. And then by the end of two days, ten work wasn’t even started.

I was so mad at them and then ten manager went like by tomorrow, it’ll be done. I did not trust them, but I didn’t have an option either..

The next evening when I went, the whole lawn was Clear. All the useful plants were gone along with the ones which weren’t needed.

They told me they would clone the good plants and all, but nothing happened.i don’t even know which seeds they have sown.

And when I asked them about they have down, they spoke to me so rudely. It was as if he owned me.

Trust me , never call these people.

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