Akademos, Inc.

Akademos, Inc.

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Published: 13 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

This was from an experience a few months ago but I decided to help out some other consumers as I was just talking to somebody online who had a similar experience. This was by far the worst purchase experience I have had in years. I purchased a $170 textbook for my daughter in college and I can say it was the biggest sham of all time. First they sent me the wrong book, I was upset and tried to call them for days with no return. After 2 weeks of phone calls almost everyday they picked up and said if I sent the book in they would exchange it. | I didn’t have time for this because my daughter needed to start looking over material and get ready for college but they could care less. I decided I wanted my money back instead so I spent another week calling them. Finally they said they would refund me but I WOULD HAVE TO PAY FOR THE f**kING SHIPPING. Insanity. I returned the book (7.5 bucks to ship) and received a refund 18 days later. I will never purchase another product from these people and would recommend to go to somewhere more legitment and caring such as Amazon or apple books. Not a great experience and it makes me wonder how people can rely on them.

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