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Published: 25 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

BEWARE consumers!!! My friend took her laptop to Akram Computers on 3206 34th street. She was a repeat customer & even referred a relative also. Mack Akram is a crook & overall scamming people out of thousands of dollars for very basic computer repairs. She was told FREE estimates and was informed NO service would be performed until she authorized the repairs. A day later Mack calls her and states his technician had an emergency and it was still hooked on the machine etc. So basically telling her He was not sure what was wrong with the laptop. Weekend passes, he calls her on Monday saying another story saying its complete & it’s going to be $119.99 + $49.99 for data backup. She was in complete shock! She asked multiple times why was she not informed on the problems & fees BEFORE it was fixed. He was rude & basically bullied her over the phone saying if she didn’t pay him she won’t get her laptop back. Long story short she had to contact the Lubbock Police Dept. & have police escorts there just to get her property back. This past Monday she enters the store with the police, and he still will not give property back saying “well it just had a virus and I can charge you $79.99.” Of course she was not happy with the price and he still had it hooked up to a machine. Told her some crap “well if we take it off it will crash etc.” Basically more reasons to keep the laptop there when in the first place she ONLY wanted an estimate. But yet earlier he told her it was ready for pickup. Cops were no help they stated too pay him whenever it’s done & take it to small claims court to recover any fees. Next day she goes back and actually sends in her cousin to get laptop so there is no confrontation etc. The owner is rude and still gives the cousin a hard time stating she is not he’s customer and she is not welcomed into his shop. Like really all just to get the laptop and have No issues. So my friend goes into the shop. At this point she was told $60 because he was going to give her a discount. But then says “oh I can really charge more.” At this point my friend is like really I’m going too pay you just give me my laptop! For being a business owner he literally was taunting her and talking so much junk to her just because! He literally had his hand on the laptop still not wanting to give it to her and she paid already. What a total idiot and so unprofessional. So everyone beware of this shop!!!

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