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Published: 03 May 2018

Posted by: Ahmad Dowaymeh

I am Ahmad Dowaymeh, have a Chevrolet Tahoe LTZ 2010 VIN # 1GNUKCE00AR268556, bought from the agency in Dubai, UAE (Al Yosef Motors in January 2011 “then the agency changed to M/s Al Ghandi Motors later”) with a lifetime warranty on the engine, gearbox, & A/C. I am writing based on my memory & on the service reports that I have. 1. Few days before 26th Nov. 2011 (KM reading 24815) & 20K KM service done on 1st Oct. 2011; a. The car totally shutdown while accelerating from zero from side road to a main road. b. The car started after few trials. c. Engine vibrates at ideal position. d. The car delivered to the agency for checks. The reply from the agency; i. Throtle body (air intake system) passed fine dust which caused engine to shut-down. ii. Just FYI, workshop stuff told me that American cars are not well designed & not perfectly suitable for GCC!!! 2. 17th Feb. 2013 (KM reading 60752) at the 60K service; a. I complained on engine vibrating at ideal position & RPM goes down when I lightly press on brake at low speeds (feeling the car will shut-down & electrical lighting intensity outside headlamps & inside gages goes down too). b. Test drive & checks done by agency, the reply is “everything is fine as this is 5.7 engine & such vibration is expected”!!! 3. Always I feel the vibration, even who ever used the car is commenting the same, but the agency reply is “everything is fine as this is 5.7 engine & such vibration is expected”. 4. Please note that all services were done in the agency. Except the 100K is not showing in the records “still I don”t know how this service slipped”. 5. March 2018; at the 210K service; a. I have complained on the same “engine vibrating at ideal position & RPM goes down when I lightly press on brake at low speeds”. b. The reply was as usual. Although this time an expert did a test drive. c. I have insisted on other expert check. d. The expert at the second time observed that engine pressure goes down while driving. Engine checks required. e. Engine overhaul required by the third party (AAA service who provides the lifetime warranty). f. After 10 days & the car is with the agency, they said that AAA rejected to do the engine overhaul on the warranty as the 100K service was missed by me!!! g. I have requested to meet the workshop manager (Mr. Patrik), once I reached the receiption, they asked me to wait to inform Mr. patrik, then the reception told me to bring the car later. Mr. Patrik did not show up!!!. h. Few days later, I have requested to meet the workshop manager again (Mr. Mohammad). I have met him. It was 15 minutes meeting, Mr. Mohammad mostly was looking into his PC & doing other tasks while I am talking to him!!! 6. Now, a. I have done all the services until 210K with the agency to maintain the lifetime warranty. b. The car never off-road & mostly used as family car. c. My point is; i. If I missed the 100K service, why the agency did not notify me that my warranty got effected/cancelled? ii. Many times I have complained on engine vibration & the reply was nothing. iii. If missing the 100K service caused such problem which requires the engine to be overhauled, why it popped up at 210K??? iv. The observation of the agency at 210K was not generated from them, it was generated from my after I have insisted!!! v. Dose such a problem popped up like this, or it should be built up by time & should have signs. Other complains FYI; 7. A/C brings outside air while the indoor switch is active. a. Reply; all American cars are designed in such way!!! 8. Parts & services are overpriced; a. Repair the rear/left window costs 1000 AED”s. My other car BMW 525 2007 model Repair the rear/left window costs 500 AED”s!!! I am writing this email to inform you about my case seeking your support if possible.

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