Al Piemonte Chevy East Dundee

Al Piemonte Chevy East Dundee

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Published: 06 September 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Went to Al Piemonte in East Dundee in January wanting to trade in my honda civic for a new car to be in my name only. My sales guy Dan Conley showed me a couple of cars being in the chevy family that would be suitable for me. After informing Dan that I did not like chevy cars he showed me the Chrysler 300 car which was still under factory warranty according to Dan Conley and also the sales manager Dan Milazzo (which later we found out from chrysler there was no warranty) . Test driving the car there was a light indicating low pressure in the tire. After applying the numbers and attempting to the paper work I was informed that either I needed a co-signer or a down payment. I asked my boyfriend for help and he provided me with a down payment of 2900 to help get me this car. Two weeks later there was a noise coming from the tires and I called the service department while on the way to work. I was horrified how I was treated by the service department that I called and complained to Frank which took very good care of me. When bringing my car into the dealer to be looked at no one knew why I was there and after being there I found out that my brake pad was cracked. They said that it was because it was out in the cold that it just broke. Three-four weeks later the noise appeared again, sensor light came on, car was shaking, while starting the car up in the morning it sounded like it was going to die out, and the brakes were choppy. I had my boyfriend call the manager of dealer explaining how we were lied to about the car not being under warranty and he stated that we could bring the car into the dealer and he would have the service department look over it. We made a list prior to going to the dealer to have our concerns looked over. Five days later we received a call to pick up the car and the value stem sensor was cracked and they replaced it. They rotated the tires and found nothing else wrong with the car. As of today my car still shakes, the sound of the car going to die out is still there, the tire squeaking of the tire noise is present, and received complimentary new scratches on the car from the service department. We have only driven the car twice since getting it back. I am disappointed in this dealership by only having this car two months and this many problems and no one taking ownership or wanting to help me out. I regret ever trading in my existing car to them. I would expect this service and problems from a Ford company not a chevy, but obviously we can add this name to the list. I mean I can’t even get the dealership’s General Manager, to call me back now. I feel ripped off because the salesmen was just looking at making a sale so they receive their commission, rather than acquiring a new loyal customer. At this time I am seeking other dealerships for trading in this car.

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