Alain Vogel

Alain Vogel

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Published: 16 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Alain Vogel is a criminal in the poker world. He is closely associated with Carl Pion the most notorious con-artist in poker history. “Diamond Spade Club” is not a real company. It’s a sham to steal money from investors as Alain Vogel the criminal mastermind behind all the smoke and mirrors has no credibility, legitimate experience or capital. Alain lives in Monte Carlo but is pretending to operate out of Miami. He is misusing professional poker players images to fool unsuspecting investors. Than he will try to obtain $10,000 for “memberships”. The concept is a complete failure but his right hand man Carl Pion has already swindled dozens of poker players out of 10’s of thousands of dollars. He operates illegal criminal events at best, no affiliation or history of legitimate business. If “Diamond Spade Club” was real and he was successful, he would fund it like any legitimate business. This is all an illusion to steak YOUR money. Just look at his rat-like face and you’ll see through to his criminal soul. Don’t be fooled, this will fail but hopefully this report will prevent any more victims. He also harasses and lies to celebrity poker players who all hate him. He misuses the image of two that we will post here. We have been conned by his associates in the name of this fake company that never operated, and it’s not some “great idea” it exists to fool unsuspecting investors. If this was a real company it would have operated. If Alain was a real business man who believed in it, he would fund it. He is unable and unwilling as it’s all a big scam to steal money from anyone possible.

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