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Published: 11 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I would like to tell my story first. I had a seven year old blue eyed Manx. I had her since she was a kitten. She was my baby. She slept with me, played with me, and brought me up when I was down. On July 25th, 2013, we had to rush her to our Vet in Brighton, Colorado because she was having trouble breathing. He took x-rays and blood work and then told us that we needed to find a cardiologist. Alameda East was not his first choice but tyhat was the only place that we could take her on such short notice. Therefore, we rushed her down to this vet. The immediately put her in an oxgen cage where they could control her breathing. That ws fine. But then they told us that it would be a better idea if they could keep her overnight. We decided that this would be best for her. The next morning they ran various tests on her and told us that she had severe pulmonary hypertention.We never knew what tests were ran until we received he bill. It was over 2200.00. WE had to sign our lives away to get on Care Credit. They said that it would be okay to take her home the following day and gave us the generic form of Viagra which they and most vets use for hypertention in both dogs and cats. Thy also gave us pednizone that my baby had to take for 3 days. I did everything they asked because they told me that she could pass anywhere from a week to 20 years. Therefore, we thought, why not give her a chance and hope for the best. Therefore, I had to force her to take a 1Mil of this medication 3 times a day which needless to say, stressed her out even more. She passed away on my bedroom floor one week to the day that we brought her back from Alameda East. They were not sympathic in the least when I calle them. I found out from reading other complaint that they did the same to them. So, I guess, I’m here to warn everyone who dearly loves their pets, not to take them there. Everyone thinks they are so great because they’ve been on TV, well, they are not what they seem. They give false hope and you can spend a fortune there. It would have been beter to just have her put down but I just couldn’t do it as long as there was some kind of hope. I even lost my oder sister over this because she doesn’t love animals. She wasn’t raised like this, not when we were growing up but she’s heartless and unsympathic now. She ragged on me about spending this type of money on a darn cat. She even ragged on her daughter because she spent 3000.00 on her dog. Therefore, we never speak because she says that we’re just too different. That’s why we never have family get-togethers, because we different. Ayway, if you live in Colorado and have a pet that you dearly care about, don’t take hem there. Drive to Fort Collins or to another 24 hour vet but not there. They really don’t care about your pet but they sure care about your money.

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