Alan Martin Smookler

He is a mentally unstable cyberstalker who violates Hipaa

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Published: 02 March 2020

Posted by: Heyoka Muse

You know when I first came out of a jail stay that I was made well aware he arranged by illegally paying everyone from sheriffs etc .I said to myself I am giving him one star and am deleting him from my life . I changed my number , my iCloud email and blocked him . I seriously forgot about this little feeble old man. He is running a smear campaign of me saying everything that I am an alcoholic to mentally disturbed etc. If I am this why did I have his private email, his personal cellphone number and why did he state he wanted to be my friend? Why did he tell sheriffs he would bail me out and get me a lawyer? He wrote me scripts for Xanax yet denies being my doctor. What was I to him his Mistress? He had a lot of fascination I was an ex stripper and he told me my chest was ok when I asked him about anemia. I was wearing a shirt up to my neck. I gave him a Coach keychain that he exclaimed was sooo nice along with a Coach wallet which is on record with Fedex and Coach to thank him for the free Xanax withdrawal treatment . It was worth exactly what it costed me in the long run. He was very unstable then and he has lost it now. He had his mentally disturbed son in law use my mychart login for cyber harassment even making pretend he was the glenview and arlington heights police department which is illegal and flat out insane . This kid called my early Portuguese roommate a well harassing him as police. He violated my Hipaa by giving out my number etc.. He did this because he was hell bent on killing me by cutting off my water when I refused to donate any cells for stem cell research. Do you know how horrible it is to die of thirst? He does…. He despises anyone with more money than him as well as Jewish women which I found insulting . He would often state your know how Jewish women are. Why didn’t he block my emails? He knows enough to make a ton of fake twitter profiles, Linkedin and Facebook in my real name because I exposed Medicaid fraud.This is a Manipulative Narcissistic Sociopath who no one should ever trust or donate to.He cons good people to do medical experiments on their loved ones and it makes me sad. I endured endless gaslighting and he even called the local police department for a fake wellness check when I happily reported via email I was getting a lawyer to sue saying I was suicidal. This iS using law enforcement to harass which is wrong.It was amazing as I never saw that coming from a doctor in this field no less. He violated my trust and sent a cast of characters after me . I am not longer afraid of this mentally unstable old man in some ways as I am nipping this in the bud before he pays someone to hurt me . He really needs to leave me alone and that is all I ask of him. My boyfriend even has my condo rigged up with surveillance because this man is that dangerous paying people to do his bidding. I am being honest as I do feel threatened in a way because of his unhealthy obsession with me. Take it for what it is worth as I am not harassing anyone and have zero reason to lie.Trust me I do not wish to even be in his presence no ,matter how hollow it is…He violates Hipaa .Google tossed this review down but this senior administrator/ social media director / whoever he decides to be that day or hour, male or female should not have access to patient records because he is unstable and needs to be evaluated as he is unfit . . He violates HIPAA and hands aver patient information to thugs

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