Alan Stutman

Alan Stutman

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Published: 23 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I’ve looked on the internet and Alan Stutman writes about himself how great a lawyer he is. Number one he’s over-priced, he makes you think he’s going to get you off of the charges you are charged with and every time he goes to court he wants more money and doesn’t do anything. I went to court with him where he was my lawyer and paid him thousands upod thousands of dollars. We were going to trial. Mr. Stutman told me he needs a minimum of 10 grand to go to trial. Needless to say I went and hired a different lawyer and he charged me $2,500. I was acquited. I had never been in trouble before. The only thing I knew about a court was when I passed by and saw them on the outside. My new attorney pointed out a lot of things that Mr. Stutman could have done but didn’t do to have the charges be dismissed. I’ve now talked to several people and they all say that Mr. Stutman is afraid to talk back to the judge and argue his point. I would not use Mr. Alan Stutman for anything even a jay walking ticket. I hate to even call him an attorney. He screams at his clients in his office all the time. Half the time he says he’ll meet you in court and he’s not there or comes very late. I found that on the arraignments. If this is an attorney don’t judge other attornies by him. My d*** cat is smarter than he is. Someone said he’s leaving the states because he can’t get any more business here. All I can say is good bye and good riddance.

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