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Published: 03 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I have had not one but two horrible experiences in one trip alone that’s making me write this review. The way their model works is you can’t talk to the agent directly. They have a front-end person here or somewhere offshore who takes your number and passes it to an agent to call you back. It’s ridiculous how much time you can spend some times coordinating due to this delayed approach. As for the issue, here I go: When I was making my travel reservation, I was given an option to buy ticket with an airline, at a higher fare, that provided me two free check-in bags vs a ticket with the Partner airline for the equivalent itinerary that allowed only one check-in bag. I opted for the option with two free check-in bags. As it turned out, Alanita agent very conveniently unbeknownst to me, the following day, cancelled the original ticket and booked the itinerary with the partner airline. I found this out on the date of travel by having to pay for an extra bag. I objected to the Airline agent saying I really paid for a ticket that gave me two free check-in bags. After my insisting over it, he looked at the history and was able to find out about the cancellation and rebooking by the Alanita travel agent. I contacted Alanita from the airport and of course with their sucky model of someone calling you back, I was told someone will get in touch. I had to suck up and pay for the bag as I was getting late. I was able to talk to David at Alanita later that day while I was still in US waiting for my next international flight and he admitted saying that the cancellation/rebooking was made in the system, however, he wasn’t sure why it was done and for any refunds for the bag charges I had to incur would be addressed by Julius. I asked him to have Julius call me in my international destination so that I could square away my return trip from the two bags issue stand point. As it turned out they never called me back and even though I tried to get in touch with them I was told Julius will call back but he didn’t. I returned with one bag only as I didn’t want to pay for the extra bag. Anyhow, I was able to finally get in touch with Julius after I got back to the country but he kept giving me the run-around, denying initially and after I gave him the proof of the original ticket and the revised ticket, he just said they didn’t do it and he wouldn’t pay. I had both the airlines confirm that the goof-up was at Alanita’s end and even one of the Alanita agents confirmed this as well. I highly suggest to look at a more professional agency who wouldn’t rip you off. These people have no accountability and should not be in business with such outrageous practices.

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