ALASKA BEST RV RENTALS and Romulo H. Morales

ALASKA BEST RV RENTALS and Romulo H. Morales

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Published: 31 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

BEWARE! We rented an RV from a man named Romulo H. Morales, Owner/Manager, of ALASKA BEST RV RENTALS. . we thought everything was going ok but things smelled fishy from the beginning. He first tired to give us an RV that was already damaged and with low levels of gas, propane, and other required material. Once we requested one in better shape, he was hesitant but we insisted. The deposit is $1500.After finally getting a decent RV, we started on our trip which was enjoyable because we are optimistic people not because of the RV unfortunately. It was raining which is not unusual in Alaska and the RV did not leak which we were grateful for. After the trip we filled up everything on the RV to full, more than what it originally had and even considered getting the engine looked at so our deposit is not effected but we did not have time.Once we returned the RV, he was eager to take us to the Airport without reviewing the RV. We again insisted we do the check while we were there and he finally agreed. He combed through the RV and found not a single thing wrong. He said he would return our full deposit of $1500. He gave us “paperwork”, which we found out was fake, saying that it was credited back to the credit card.Once we got home, the credit card was never credited and he claimed we had made 40 holes in the roof of the RV. I am not sure how this is possible since it was raining with no leaks and we did not off road and simply camped.Not only did he fraudulently pretend to refund the deposit, he then contacted our insurance company asking for more money for damage we never did. We know we did not do this damage because we forced him to go over the RV while we were present. This guy is a professional scammer. Stay away from “ALASKA BEST RV RENTALS” they are a rip off.Our insurance company is currently investigating the fraud and I believe the locals are aware of his scams. After contacting other local RV renters, he currently has the worst reputation and is known for taking peoples money and insurance fraud. BEWARE.We have yet to get our money back, and the insurance company will be filling papers with the local District Attorney.ALASKA BEST RV RENTALSRomulo H. Morales, Owner/Manager3078 Bettles Bay LoopAnchorage, Alaska 99515E-Mail: [email protected]: 907.344.4981Fax: 907.346.3067Cellular: 907.223.9123

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