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Don’t go to Alaska Smiles if you want dental treatment!

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Published: 21 May 2019

Posted by: Raquel

These people are bogus. I doubt if the dentists there have any kind of knowledge at all. They seem like fools who barely passed their examinations and are now charging people as if they are the leading experts in the industry. You’d be better off with a dental student than these guys. I went to these people for a simple root canal. I had visited this place for a couple of times before. And there were some issues with the time management (like the dentist missing an appointment) but it didn’t bother me. The dentist missed only one of my appointments. Anyway, my main problem arose when I visited the place for a root canal. They had recommended me a root canal for one of my teeth. But the dentist failed to conduct it successfully. When the root canal was completed, I used to feel a lot of pain in my tooth. I didn’t know what the issue was. When I contacted them again and visited the place,e the dentist told me that I have an infection and I’ll need another treatment for it. So, first, those people messed up my root canal, which caused an infection in my teeth and now I needed to get treatment for that. They didn’t accept their fault for this root canal mess up. No, according to them, it was my body’s reaction. How did I find out about their mistake?? I had to go to another dentist for my checkup. That other dentist told me about the negligent root canal. I’m planning on suing these people for dental malpractice. They will have to pay for what they did. Not only did they ruin my dental health but they also lied to me later on about the issue. I have no infection in my mouth. They were just making stuff up so I won’t blame them for their negligence. I’d advise you to stay far from these people as well. They’re not worth your time, money or effort. You should look for some professionals who really know how to conduct dental operations. Unlike these guys, who are only money-eating machines, a real dentist will be able to provide you with proper dental care.

Their negligence caused me to live in pain for weeks. I can\’t tell you how horrible my experience was. I wasn’t able to eat anything properly and there used to remain constant toothache. I also had to pay them a lot for the root canal. Not only that, but I also had to pay a lot for getting my tooth treated after their messy root canal. I have suffered not only physical but mental and financial toll because of these people. I just hope my story will help you in making an informed decision regarding Alaska Smiles. You don’t have to rely on unprofessional and retarded dentists for your treatment. You can easily get much better care from your local dentist who knows more than these guys.

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