Albertville Orthodontics

the dentists are simply monkeys in white coats

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Published: 12 May 2019

Posted by: Fredrick

Albertville Orthodontics is a JOKE, don’t take this clinic seriously or you are just going to get disappointed and sad. The employees here don’t really give a shit about customer services and are just going through their 9-5 without any enthusiasm. Take my word for it, these guys are going to ruin your teeth. My sister went to Albertville Orthodontics for getting braces for her 13-year-old son. I went with her to drop her off and make sure that she doesn’t face any bullshit. As soon as we walked into the clinic’s door, we could smell WEED in there. I’m 100% sure that someone was smoking weed recently and not only that, the place wasn’t very clean too. The smell of weed and unhygienic environment was just pathetic. Anyways, we walked to the front desk and told the receptionist that we have an appointment, she told us,” we are closed sir, please go home.” I was sure that they were not closed because we had a paid appointment booked for that particular time. We told her to check again and then she said,” Oh sorry, we are actually open, hahaha, I’ll check with the doctor.” Now at least I knew where the weed smell was coming from. Then we entered and the doctor did a simple examination and told us to come back next week to get the braces. The doctor seemed nice and he behaved like a proper gentleman (don’t get too excited just now, the reality of the ortho is yet to be revealed). My nephew got his braces the next week and he started wearing them right away. He said that the braces were hurting, but my sister ignored it because the braces are supposed to hurt a little. However, after 2 weeks my sister had to take him to the ER because of heavy bleeding and toothache. The doctor did a quick x-ray after giving him a small painkiller. We found out that the ortho has used an unreal amount of adhesive on the braces and the braces were too big for the teeth. Moreover, the adhesive was made from low-quality materials and it has developed an infection my nephew’s gums. I went to Albertville Orthodontics the next day to confront the moronic doctor. I told him what happened and showed him the reports as proof. What he said was utterly rude, he said,” I had to use a little extra adhesive because your nephew\’s teeth are totally fucked up man”. After saying that he told me to leave the clinic immediately and never come back. I have found a new dental clinic for my nephew and I will take him there from now on. Please don’t go to Albertville Orthodontics, these guys are going to ruin your smile. The rude behaviour of the doctor, the unhygienic environment and drug smoking staff adds up to make Albertville Orthodontics the WORST ortho clinic in the area.

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