Dr. Glenroy Heywood

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Albuquerque doctor, Glenroy Heywood, arrested on child prost

There is no worse crime than sex with a minor and when it is a physician who is caught in the act makes you wonder the safety of children. A local Albuquerque surgeon, Glenroy Heywood found himself in this sticky situation and was arrested for attempting to have sex with a juvenile. He is currently facing human trafficking among other charges for allegedly trying to have sex with a minor.

The physician was arrested during an undercover operation. Detective Trevor Weeks of the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department explained that the department had posted an ad on a social media site. The ad clearly stated that this was child prostitution and people contacted that ad. They were later contacted by Glenroy who made it clear that he wished to meet and have sex with the girl. This was a joint undercover operation by BSCD and Homeland Security.

A spokesperson for Lovelace Medical Center confirmed that Heywood was an independent physician who worked there and not an employee of their facility. The spokesperson also added that they were taking immediate action pending the investigation.

While spokesperson for Presbyterian Hospital confirmed that Heywood only worked at their hospital once when he assisted with one surgery that too way back in November. While no one from Heywood’s listed office could be reached suggesting that they were closed.

The Detectives added that they are reaching and seeking help from everyone who have been in contact with the physician in the last few days and they were also trying to reassure any possible victims to come out so that they can be helped.

Detective Weeks added that they were there to help, be it a victim of human trafficking, or a victim from any walk of life and that they have several programs in place to provide help.

The undercover sting also helped the detectives arrest another suspect, 63-year-old Gregory Dekle.

In November 2016, another Albuquerque doctor, Guy Rosenschein was arrested for child sex charges. He was a pediatric surgeon and urologist at Presbyterian and was fired immediately after his arrest. Investigators found that he owned hundreds of files of child pornography and is currently facing federal charges and is still awaiting trial.


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