Alden Allen Jr. - A&C Mobile Audio

Alden Allen Jr. - A&C Mobile Audio

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Published: 04 November 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

In February of 2004 of was put in contact to one Alden Allen Jr. representing himself and his own company as A&C Mobile Audio based out of Fontana, CA. I was in the market for air bags and he was willing to offer me a partial sponsorship which meant I would only have to put up half the funds for everything that was done to my truck. At that point, myself and others in a truck club contacted him and everyone was given a different deal for different jobs. I paid Alden for air bags back in February of this year. I was a little worried at first cause my truck didn’t actually go in for 2 months after I paid him. I was told over and over that the shop was backed up and it would take a bit to get my truck in. Finally at the end of March, I took the truck to his house and left it with him with the thought that it would be done in two weeks, or so he said. During this wait on the bags he sent pictures of the work being done so I assumed he was on the level and proceeded to give him additional funds for a complete shaving and paint job and some parts like a new hood, bumper cover and roll pan. Month after month had elapsed and the 2 week job had turned into months and months. I kept in contact with him and he assured me everything was ok and the job was moving along as it should. Three months later and after whole lot of BS and lies, with the help of two other people in the same boat I was, we did some investigation and found out from the shop where our trucks were at that he was in the process of putting a lien on our trucks. During this time I had no idea where my truck was as we were also told by the shop owner that Alden had picked up the truck to take to get paint work done. We looked into it the next day after contacting the police to see what we could do and came to find that there was no lien. According to the shop owner, Javier of Gomez Tire in Fontana CA, he had seen no money at all from Alden which caused us to wonder where our money went. We immediately took action and paid the money to get our trucks back ourselves which in my case was not very cheap at all. When I got my truck back I noticed that my $1800 head unit was removed and was told that he was going to replace it with a new one. Alden started calling us immediately after he found out what was going on asking us to give him a chance to take care of what was done and that he would repay every penny we spent and gave him. We gave him a few days to show us he wanted to resolve the issue and needless to say nothing has happened. There are many people who were deceived by this person. Most of the people involved dropped thousands of dollars for audio and video components or wheels and tires which they never saw. He proceeded to lie to everyone involved and even in some cases sending tracking numbers that were bogus or for packages that were never taken to UPS. We all heard numerous stories about why things were delayed including a story of his own mother dying which we would soon learn was completely false. We have also learned that he bought a new house and is currently living in it and could explain where all of our money went. All together he has over $20,000 of money belonging to honest hard working individuals and he must be stopped so that these things do not happen to other hard working individuals. Chris Orange, CaliforniaU.S.A.

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