Alex Faekuzzaman Quazi

Alex Faekuzzaman Quazi

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Published: 27 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Alex Quazi’s gross negligence and wilful blindness put me in the hospital. He rented me his own property, at 84 Leyton Avenue, Toronto, ON. He lives next door at 96 Denton Avenue where he keeps his Audi, Lexus, and Ferrarri, but I digress. What he covered up was that the property had major plumbing problems including toxic sewer gasses leaking into the house. I called him up repeatedly to let him know of the dangerous potentially lethal defects in his own rental property and he did not care, did not care at all, said it was my problem because I probably flushed something down the toilet. I hired my own plumber and air quality inspector after Alex abandonded me, and proved the problem was a defective sewer system destroyed by tree roots, and confirmed the presence of methane and other toxic gasses. I missed a week of work, sick from the fumes, so did my spouse. The sewer erupted shortly thereafter, ruining my furniture and possessions. We lived out of a hotel for months. Alex Faekuzzaman Quazi did not care in the least. Even when the place was flooded with sewage he demanded I continue to pay rent because he claimed he was so cash poor he could not afford to go without it. I took pity on the poor man, what a fool I was. He could only think of himself and did not care that he was breaking the law, the Residential Tenancies Act of Ontario. He promised me refunds, but kept flip-flopping and offering only excuses until I had no choice but to take him to court. At the last minute, he agreed to discuss an out of court settlement, and agreed to pay about 2/3 of what he owed. He literally cried that he was too poor to afford anything more, that his wife wouldn’t let him. He was absolutely pathetic, but I just wanted to settle and move on so I’d never have to see the bum again. He kept promising the appropriate repairs would be made, but would only send out plumbers to do cheap patch jobs that the plumbers themselves admitted weren’t going to fix anything. And when I caught him in his flagrant lies, he tried to spin it around on me, calling me a scammer and yelling and swearing and crying on the phone. I think he has borderline personality disorder or something. He is impervious to logic, common sense, and even the most basic tenets of customer service. Even when he signed writted agreements with me promising to properly repair the property, he broke his word in writing too. It`s not just stupidity or incompetence on his part – it is maliciousness. But the short story is that the man only operates in bad faith. He will tell you anything to get you to go away or to separate you from your money, but he never honors his promises. He flip-flops like a fish in the bottom of a boat. He overpromises and underdelivers. Not just a little, but a LOT. The man is clearly a fraud, a scammer, a con artist. He bullies, threatens, harasses, and intimidates people for the purposes of swindling and operates just enough under the radar to avoid being sent to prison. This is my experience with Alex Quazi and my opinion as the result of those experiences. Whatever you need, a realtor, a tutor, or a landlord, do yourself a favour and get it somewhere else.

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