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A MOLESTER and MONSTER - My #MeToo Story

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Published: 22 May 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Alex Shahidi of ARIS (Advanced Research Investment Solutions) is a molester and monster. I used to work at his office in Los Angeles, CA, and in that short span of time, I went through horrible stuff. Alex thinks he is above everyone and doesn’t hesitate in making others realize how big that guy is. I was told to shut up and never object to anything he says or does because he’s ‘boss’. I can’t explain the level of pain I had to endure during my short stay in ARIS. He uses his position of power to sexually harass women in the workplace and he gets away with it. I’m sharing my experiences here so that anyone else doesn’t fall under the trap of Alex Shahidi.

Who is Alex Shahidi

Before I share my painful experiences of working under that monster for months, let me share more details about Alex and his company. This will help you in understanding what that guy is and why I was afraid of pressing charges against him.

Ales handles multi-billion portfolios for his clients. He has over 20 years of experience as an investment consultant. He is a CFA, CFP, and CIMA. Moreover, he is the co-founder of ARIS, which he started with Damien Bisserier in 2014. Before he launched ARIS (Advanced Research Investment Solutions), he used to work at Merrill Lynch as an Institutional Consultant. At Merrill Lynch, Alex used to handle more than $10 billion in assets.
He works with ultra-high-net-worth families, large pension funds, foundations, and endowments. So, the guy has high-level contacts. He doesn’t hesitate in showing how powerful he is. That’s why he believes that he can remain unscathed no matter what he does. Even after I had left his company, his lawyers used to call me multiple times to make sure that I didn’t take any action. I know some people like to question a woman’s character when she tells her story. People get skeptical and start saying ‘Why are you saying this now? What changed?” Some people won’t even believe my story. TO all of those people, I just want to say, “You don’t know me, you don’t know what happened with me, and you have no right to judge my actions.”

Now that we have that out of our way, let me share exactly what this monster did while I was working at ARIS:

How He Harassed Me at ARIS:

It all started in late 2018, when I joined ARIS. It was my first job so I was pretty excited to work there. In the first few days, my role was quite varied. I was doing assistant-level work for different executives. Then, one day, I handled some files for Alex and I think that was the first time when that monster got his eyes on me. I can say that with certainty because after that, I was told to work exclusively for Alex. My innocent brain thought, “Well, that’s awesome, now I”ll get to learn straight from the master himself,” so I didn’t object. I had no idea how vicious and sick Alex is.

It had only been a couple of days since I had started under him when he made a very sexual remark about my attire and body. He pointed out how I should only wear that dress because it made me look ‘sexier’. Yes, he used the word ‘sexy’. I let it go because I thought that’s how powerful men are, but I was wrong. That guy is way worse than any powerful person.

After that remark, it became a habit for him to say such things to me whenever I’d be alone in the office with him for any purpose. As I mentioned earlier, I used to work as an assistant so I had to go to his office multiple times a day.

One day, he crossed all limits. I was working late because I had to find some files for Alex, he had an important meeting the next day. I was going through files when he slapped my rear from behind. I didn’t expect such obscene behaviour from a person of that stature. I didn’t say anything then but left the office right away. I complained about it to the office manager but there was nothing they could do about it. They just told me to take a leave for a few days and return. I had requested them to assign me someone else to work for but they denied this request. They had promised me that nothing of this sort would happen again.

But their word wasn’t reliable and I felt that. Those people never really showed any care towards me or my problems, they just wanted to have the issue resolved as fast as possible. I returned to the office after my leave and I expected Alex to change his behaviour, but guess what, he didn’t change anything.

He was the same misogynist. But this time, his intensity and frequency of making obscene comments had increased. I guess he was trying to make me realize how powerless I was and he succeeded. It kept going on for a few months but then he crossed all limits in an office party.

We were having a birthday party in our office, I won’t name whose birthday it was for privacy reasons. All you need to know is that right after the cake was cut, Alex grabbed me and forcibly kissed me! I can’t explain how painful it is for me to write these things here. I’ve never felt more powerless in my entire life. I pushed him away and slapped him. Then I left the party.

I couldn’t take it anymore. The guy is a monster, he kept pushing my buttons and I don’t know what he thought. Maybe he thinks he can have any woman he wants because he’s so rich and successful. Such a malicious man shouldn’t be allowed to run a company like ARIS.

I left my job there and their lawyers contacted me multiple times because they wanted to ensure that their client wasn’t facing any legal threats. I didn’t press any charges because I didn’t want my name thrown in the mud. I know how powerful these people are and I know what they can do with their money. Moreover, their lawyers kept calling me and harassing me further. I was afraid to do anything.

But I also realised that it’d be wrong to not do anything. That’s why I’ve shared my story on this platform. At least some people should know the truth. Alex should be thrown in jail, and ARIS should be shut down because of his viciousness. He thinks he can get away with sexually harassing a woman for months. He thinks he can get away with molesting a woman. But I wish that wouldn’t happen. I hope he gets his due.

I shared my story here so people can get to know his reality. 

The constant harassment from his lawyers damaged my mental health too. Ever since that incident, I have been in constant fear and stress. My personal life has been ruined!. I have been seeing a mental health professional for a few weeks now, and even she says that it’ll take some time before anything improves. HE SHOULD BE PUNISHED.


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