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They how to extort people in the best possible way!!

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Published: 21 November 2018

Posted by: Carlson

Alexander, Miller & Associates, LLC, a so called reputed Houston-based financial institution claiming to have the best strategies for collections before their clients enter into a hefty process of filing an expensive lawsuit. There are many financial companies and individuals that claim to have been highly helped by the Alexander, Miller & Associates, LLC. Of course, they really have a great “strategy” to help the clients to get back their invested money from the borrowers. But does the world know about their “strategy” or the different tactics they maintain for collecting the money for the clients??? I hardly wonder. I’ve a very personal experience with Alexander, Miller & Associates, LLC that turned out to be a nightmare for me and my family.

My uncle was brutally extorted and verbally abused by this so called collection company. They have no simple decency of how to deal with a senior citizen who is just asking for some time for paying off the debts! But what about the “trained executives”? They are only trained to extort or abuse verbally but they are champions in forcing people to collect money without any legal authorization.

What exactly happened?

My 65-year old uncle borrowed a small amount of loan to renovate his house from a nearby financer. He was even paying them off and was left with a very small about that he requested them to pay after 15 days as he was expecting some money from an investment. They even agreed. But from the next day onwards, my uncle started receiving calls from the Alexander, Miller & Associates, LLC. Initially, they started calling him once but after a few days they keep calling him on and on and gradually became rude. Their level of rudeness exceeded when they became verbally abusive.

Their level of extortion knows no bounds

It’s sad to inform how Alexander, Miller & Associates, LLC ruined by uncle’s peace of life and health. The continuous phone calls and threatening letters tore my uncle apart. He stopped speaking to anyone as throughout his life he has been a man of honor and self-respect. When he informed the finance company that the dues will be cleared in 15-days, they agreed then why on earth did they hire the bunch of extortionists and torturers from Alexander, Miller & Associates, LLC? And why they were so verbally abusive towards a senior citizen? Don’t they have any morality? Before a professional collection expert, they’re human beings or are they transformed into monsters with no compassion towards a senior citizen? We hardly expect any compassion but I am all here to raise my voice against the verbal abuses and the extortion the Alexander, Miller & Associates, LLC did to my uncle even when the man hasn’t cross the limit or the payment deadline. It was a consensual agreement and the financer agreed to give him 15 days more for paying off the last installment of the loan he took from them.

My uncle is ill and who will be responsible for this?

My old uncle had a chronic issue of diabetes. Soon after the incidence of extortion by the monsters of Alexander, Miller & Associates, LLC, by uncle started growing hypertension which can be fatal for any diabetic. It so happened and that issue lead him to high-pressure. Recently, he had a diabetic attack in his home and was rushed to the hospital where the kind doctors saved my uncle. He is now under observation and complete bed rest.

My concept is not wrong about the Alexander, Miller & Associates, LLC

Like my uncle, the Alexander, Miller & Associates, LLC has so far extorted many man and women or any age bar. They will not think twice before torturing a kid. But with the help of extreme good marketing they have whitewashed the black spot on them.

When I gave them a call and let them know about what has happened to my uncle and who will be responsible for the condition of the old man, they actually threatened me and told me, if I inform the cops or file a lawsuit, they’ll ruin us. They have money and power so because of that strength they have the knowledge that they can ruin my family and me along with my uncle.
They even verbally abused me and started using filthy words about my family, parents and even my uncle. They even verbally abused me sexually and harassed me over the phone. The employees working for them are not human beings, they are a bunch of trained and suited goons with the heart of a wild animal. I wonder, if anyone is actually abused physically or sexually by them. Is that a part of your extortion process? Is this the way you promise your clients to collect their money so that they can pay you. You guys should burn in Hell!!

I’m now in search of people who are also abused and extorted by the so called nasty Alexander, Miller & Associates, LLC and depending on all the evidence I’ll bring a lawsuit and will support the Bar by becoming the plaintiff. With my uncle, they have done everything wrong, I really wonder whether the old man is going to survive this shame or not. Throughout his life, he has been a man of respect and I am not going to tolerate that a bunch of goons can prove it wrong by extorting the man for paying the money that he was supposed to pay within the next 15 days.
If you are wondering that Alexander, Miller & Associates, LLC is a very reputed company and want to hire them for collecting your money, instead of them you can hire a bunch of goons ramming people here and there robbing passersby. Why should you waste so much money on hiring the sophisticated goons for collecting the money! There’s no point in wasting the money on them when you can get the job done at quite a cheap rate by hiring a local goon and his team mates!!!

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