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Published: 03 October 2018

Posted by: AMarek

I arranged for nail appointments for myself and five additional friends and family members to receive nail services prior to my wedding on December 17, 2011. I made this arrangement through Dallas Holmes with Total Experiences at Caesar”s Palace. He had called to confirm pricing. I wanted to make certain that I could receive a gel manicure so I called the salon ahead of time to confirm availability as well as pricing. I was told $30 for each mani and $55 for each pedi. This sounded perfect! On the morning of the 17th I was so excited for our little spa day. We arrived for our appointment, and the young lady at the front desk seemed surprised we were there. It felt as if things were in disarray from the time we arrived. I was called back first and taken to a side of the salon away from the rest of my party. Feeling isolated was not exactly how I had pictured my day going. This is where all of our problems truly began… My technician, Lisa, told me she could not do the Shellac manicure I had hoped for and I could not go to another technician because they were all occupied with the rest of my party. She promised me her manicures would last 10-12 days, just like Shellac, but with more versatility. I told her regular polish doesnt last on me because i wash my hands so frequently she informed me she had been doing nails longer than i had been alive and she knew what she was talking about. I agreed. What else was I to do when I had already been told no? She made me take my jewelry off, including my engagement ring, and leave it in a cup. I voiced my concern with this, but was again brushed off. I was told my hands looked “awful” and “wrinkly” and badly needed exfoliated and moisturized. Ummm ok? She rushed me to the back sink where I was instructed to exfoliate my own hands. (Not exactly pampering or relaxing or invigorating like the menu says, as I can do this myself at home anytime.) As I sat down to get ready for my paraffin dip, my technician and the technician doing my mother”s pedicure began to bicker and argue over who should be responsible for buying more paraffin wax. This was quite unprofessional and made the environment extremely awkward. Again, not exactly what I had in mind. My hands were shoved into plastic bags for about three minutes before the wax was removed (I guess pulling the wax off was considered the hand and arm massage? I certainly hope not.) Throughout my entire manicure, all I heard was about how her friend”s husband was leaving her because she could not conceive and her best guy friend won”t talk to her. Again, not exactly relaxing. My manicure looked awesome upon completion. I was very pleased. However, my joy wouldn”t last long because my pedicure opened a whole new can of worms. My Aunt”s blue water was referred to as “Smurf pee” and my orange water as “pee” by my technician. Awesome. Just what I want to stick my feet in. Lisa sat down and then announced, “Let me go rinse these real quick.”. To my horror, she rinsed off the metal foot file and cuticle clippers. Rinsed them off! Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe all non disposable metal supplies are to be sanitized appropriately by an AutoClave or in a solution such as BarberSol. I did not see one single sterile package opened. Not for myself nor any of my party. This is revolting. Lisa proceeded to look at the bottom of my feet and cause a huge, embarrassing scene over the fact that I pull off my calluses. I am not proud of this habit and did not need it being put on display for the entire salon on my wedding day. She began to file away my calluses with this unclean file. I did not even think to protest because I was too busy wanting to crawl under a rock to hide from my embarrassment. Of course she filed too deeply on my right foot and made me bleed. Perfect! A sore foot on my wedding day, just what I needed. She put this file, with my blood obviously on it, back in her little drawer to be rinsed off for the next customer. I need not even go into the dangers of blood borne pathogens and the high risk of their transmission with improper sanitation. Nobody wants a side of Hepatits or MRSA with their mani/pedi. I”m sure the Nevada Board of Health would have a field day with this display. As Lisa was chastising me about my picking habit, she assured me she had the cure. She said she was going “give” me a metal file and the perfect moisturizer so I would never be able to pick again. She NEVER mentioned that I was to buy these things nor their price. I was lead to believe she truly cared and was sending me home with these tokens to help. She mentioned a few times what a “deal” I was getting on my nail art because she was supposed to charge me $10 per nail but did not. Well, had that been mentioned BEFORE the “nail art” I never would have agreed. Let me clarify though, there were no intricate designs. I had a French tip with three black dots and one stone on each nail. Nothing complicated or crazy that I couldn”t replicate at home. There was ZERO mention to me about the cost of the upgrades I received. Had there been mention of the dramatic up charges I NEVER would have agreed to those treatments. Again, I exfoliated my OWN hands, received NO massage, listened to a heated argument over paraffin, got called out and embarrassed by my technician, and was made to bleed by an unclean instrument. Yes, my nails looked good and I agreed to put the pictures on Lisa”s Facebook for her portfolio. A rhinestone fell off my nail before I ever even left the salon and was rushed back for a repair, where I was sent out the door with a wet topcoat and cuticle oil dripping from my fingers. I was instructed to rub it in in ten minute. Really? These are only the dis satisfactory experiences I incurred. I am not sure abut the rest of my party. My party consisted of my Matron of Honor, my mom, my grandmother, my aunt, and my cousin. All of these ladies are very reliable… None of them state being informed about any additional services being performed or their costs. In Texas, exfoliation, wraps, and makes are standard. Why would I think otherwise when I was not told they were extra here? The ONLY up charge any of us were informed about was the $25 additional fee for a Shellac pedicure, and this was only because my mom specifically asked. Here is what I was quoted: $30/mani x 5 manis = $150 $55/pedi x 6 pedis = $330 $25 for Shellac and $15 for “nail art” $150+$330+$25+$15 = $520. My total was $701.18 plus tips! That is $181 in additional charges that we were NEVER informed of. I was unaware of the total until the day after my wedding or I would have disputed this while in the salon. Additionally, I would have advised my party and my father not to tip the technicians for their poor professionalism and inability to inform of the up charges. I left the salon feeling embarrassed and with my right heel hurting and bleeding and my nails wet and dripping with oil. My nails looked great though. I cried after I left because I felt beaten down and humiliated I front of an entire salon, with my habit bad habit exposed to everyone. Not exactly how I imagined feeling act leaving the nail spa on my wedding day. I was missing three rhinestones by the time “I Do” rolled around six hours later. I did NOTHING except sit in a chair and have my hair and make up done. There was no rough activity whatsoever. The up close photograph of my ring and hand on my bouquet looks absurd because rhinestones are missing. I”m currently debating on what will look the least absurd in my photo book, cropping off my fingertips or showing the missing stones. Very disappointing. I immediately contacted the salon and asked to speak with management when I learned of the cost. I was told the manager would contact me on Tuesday when he was in the office. Instead he left a voicemail for me on Monday with a number I could reach him at on Tuesday. Perfect. By the time I spoke with the manager on Tuesday my promised ten day manicure looked awful! Most of the French tip had chipped and flaked off and there were zero stones left, just ugly round places they once were. I asked the manager to credit the difference from what I was quoted to what I was told. He said that was impossible to do, but he would get back to me. I asked how long and he said 48 hours. 48 hours had passed, and I had not heard from the manager. I called the salon, and they had him to call me back. He said he reviewed “his tapes” and witnessed every technician tell each customer the specific costs of services. This is untrue. I, personally, was NEVER informed that it would cost me and additional $25 to exfoliate my own hands or and extra $45 to leave with a bleeding foot and a high risk for infection. I assure you I NEVER would have agreed to the “luxuries” and neither would the rest of my party. I asked for a detailed bill so that I could see exactly how I was charged because I received no arm massage and none of us received a “eucalyptus masque wrap” or a “relaxing massage with pure grape seed oil extract”. I was told this was unavailable, but the product I purchased added to the total. Product I was “given” you mean? The product I was told to “take home” because it would change my life? The stuff I never agreed to purchase and was never told a price because my pushy nail technician made it seem complimentary? Yes, that stuff. The manager did offer me $100 salon credit, knowing that I never want to subject myself to that environment again. This credit also expires. Since I don”t live around the corner, I bet it will expire. I told him I appreciated the offer, but still was not satisfied. He assured me he would review “his tapes” to make sure we received every service we were charged for. I have yet to hear back from him, and I have yet to receive a copy of the itemized bill

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